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Banking Off Your Vacation – Part Two

In yesterday’s post, I touched on how you can make money from your vacation. Today, I’d like to share a few more tips with you in that same vein, but while going into a little bit more detail.

The last post posed two business models you could use to first design your website. The first involved creating a website where you can put almost all of your vacation adventures; the second involved making a new website for a real whopper of a vacation. But how do you choose between the two?

Here are a few indicators. For example, if you take your family to a number of theme parks, you might create a website around theme parks and write articles about each theme park, then divide them into their appropriate segments so readers can easily find them.

Your second option, making an individual website for an individual vacation spot, requires that you pick a new domain name for your vacation and write about that vacation only in your memoirs.

There are pros and cons to each. With the first model, you sort of limit yourself to only adding info about a particular destination or vacation type. But, if you take that sort of vacation often, it will drive more traffic and you don’t have to hassle yourself with buying new domains, not to mention keeping up with more websites.

The second model makes things easy for you because you only need to choose a domain name that encompasses that individual vacation. You need to write about that vacation ONLY when you develop the site. You can really build out the site on this area alone and become a “trusted source” so to speak, because you will look like you know a lot about one place, not just a little bit about a lot of places.

Adding Relevant Content to the Site

Eventually, you will get a little burned out writing content about your vacation. Hey, it was fun for the time; why ruin the enjoyment by having to work too hard when you get back? That’s why, if you know ahead of time that you plan to document and sell your experience, you should think about that as you take pictures and video of your destination. Perhaps you would like to record a daily video, or vlog, of your adventures. Maybe you’re more interested in developing photo albums to share. Photos can easily be put on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but then, so can videos. Plus, videos will help amp up your YouTube channel views, if that’s important to you.

If you forgot to take video, you can always build slideshows of your photos and put music in the background.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of how to make money from your vacation, and this time, we’ll talk more in detail about the actual money portion, not just the development segment.

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