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Back to School Internet Marketing Ideas

August is the perfect time of year to start thinking about last-minute back to school internet marketing ideas. Now before you go spouting off that people probably don’t shop online for school supplies, but rather take their kids to the local Target or Walmart, hold up. There are plenty of ways to make money online with back to school stuff that won’t involve you selling reams of notebooks.

You’ll be especially well off if you sell to college kids. Remember that “back to school” isn’t just for the K-12 crowd. We’re talking about anyone who is attending college classes, and that includes older teens and adults who may be going to college as well as elementary through high school. So as we go through this short guide, keep all of these age groups in mind.

Acne products: This might not seem like a back-to-school thing, but it is. Teachers and kids alike are very concerned about their image, especially right before school starts. Since acne often comes in full force during the summer (sweat seems to really bring it on), August is the perfect time to really promote those “get rid of acne” eBooks. Products are great too. Companies like Proactiv have affiliate programs, and if you write or film reviews of their products, you might convince a lot of people to buy Proactiv through your link.

Now, let me offer you a word of advice. Selling pimple products online is a pretty cutthroat business. You need to offer something in addition to the run of the mill solutions and ebooks if you want to stand out and make sales. I would recommend researching a little bit and writing your own bonus eBook that you will give to customers for free in return for purchasing eBooks or acne kits through you. This way, you’re different than the girl who just throws a blog post up on her blog and expects traffic to flow through her portal.

Homeschool Helps: You probably have no idea how big the homeschooling market is online. Seriously – I know an individual who had no experience even homeschooling his kids, yet he wrote – yes, wrote – an eBook on homeschooling that made him several thousands of dollars in one summer. I’m not saying you have to write an eBook, but promoting an eBook might be a good way to go.

Specialty Backpacks: Have you priced new backpacks recently? If you want any with nice zippers and pockets, you’ll have to pay a little bit extra. So why not sell these types of backpacks to others? Do a lineup of the top ten backpacks for back to school, and give star ratings as to which are your favorites. Then watch as the traffic trickles in from people who forgot they might want a backpack in which to tote around their new laptop.

Laptops: That brings me to the next subject – laptops. More college kids than ever need laptops. Price out some of the best, least expensive options, and you’ll find you might make a tidy sum on back to school computers.

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