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How to Attract the BEST Leads

The concept of lead generation sounds easy enough, but that not necessarily mean that every marketing professional is doing it right. If that were the case, there would not be numerous pieces written on how to generate or attract more leads. Understanding the lead generation process and how to attract more leads is starting to matter more to marketing professionals.

According to DMN3, “the biggest challenge for B2B marketers is generating high quality leads.” As such a pertinent issue in the marketing industry, many marketing professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve their tactics. With better tactics, not only will you be able to generate leads, but you will also be able to convert those leads into sales.

Ready to get started on your next lead generation strategy? Here are some of the best tactics to employ:

Gain Customer Referrals

Referrals from your current customers is one of the most powerful tool to help you generate more leads. A referral is when one of your current customers recommend to prospects that they try out your product or service. As Interactive Marketing mentions, Juniper Media Metrix performed a survey which indicated that 70 percent of internet users visit new web sites through referrals. With such a high rate, there is no reason for you to not take advantage of this highly effective strategy.

In order to garner referrals from your existing clients, Interactive Marketing has a few great suggestions that are easy to implement:


  • Incentivize Your Current Customers. The incentive approach is highly-effective, just check out what Psychology Today has to say about incentive theory. Essentially, your customers are more likely to perform an action when they have a reason to. When your current customers expect a positive outcome to their referral efforts, they are more likely to refer your product or service to their friends and family. One popular incentive approach is to try to convince your current customers that they should refer your brand to others because it in some way benefits them.
  • The “Gift” Approach. Marketing professionals should also consider the “gift” approach to gain more referrals to improve leads. The gift approach can work in two ways. The first option is to give your current customer a gift for referring a friend who buys a product from your website. Alternatively, this approach also works by allowing your current customer to give a free sample or a gift certificate to someone they know. Both of these approaches are stellar ways to generate more leads.
  • The “Loss Leader”. Finally, this approach works by advertising a free sample of your product or service to new clients. While you can advertise what you have to offer through a number of channels, the most effective strategy is to find the channel where your target market is likely to be located. By specifically posing the ads to your target market, you will be able to effectively generate more leads through this strategy.

The next option is a bit more personal and it involved direct mail. Let’s take a look.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a more personal option, but it can backfire if you fail to do it right. This lead generation tactic is essentially the process of sending emails to prospects who have signed up for your email list. Many individuals who receive your emails may ignore them, especially if the emails are not personalized or do not include signs that the email is a quality one.

According to TMR Direct, direct mail is an extremely flexible option and it gives you access to prospects who can easily turn into leads. Here are a few tips to make your direct mail lead generation strategy work:

  • Personalize the Email. Potential leads love personalization, especially if they are in the millennial age range. When drafting an email, make sure that the email includes a personalized call to action. According to Triblio, personalized CTA’s lead to 24% higher conversion rate. To personalize an email, all you need to do is to ensure that the email is meaningful to the recipient. You can incorporate data, mention the recipient’s name, and so forth.
  • Emails that Stand Out. Email messages that stand out from the rest are another way that your direct mail can result in lead generation. Many marketing professionals have noticed successful results when they have created dimensional emails.

Pinpoint Targeting

Pinpoint targeting is the process of evaluating the database and building the right email list community to send your emails to. The more thought and strategy that you put into building your email list, the higher your economic benefit will be because you should see a higher rate of leads generated from that round of emails. While you may not always know your email list’s interests, you should still create a narrow list that has a high potential of matching, than a smaller list that may be ineffective.

Word of Mouth Marketing

As Get Ambassador points out, 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. While cultivating word of mouth may seem easy, it actually requires a strategy and those do not do it correctly may not see the results that they are aiming for.

There are four keys to a good word of mouth strategy that will generate more leads. The first step is to be interesting. If your brand does not have any unique identifiers or excellent products that your current users can identify, then it is unlikely that much will be said about your brand to new leads. To make your brand more interesting, you should advertise what sets your brand apart from others or what are some excelling points that customers love about your products.

The second step is to ensure that your current customers have an easy time spreading information about your brand. The main contention with this tip is that it can be pretty vague. However, it is actually very specific. Essentially, making it easy for your customers means creating some sort of message or branding line for your brand that your customers will remember. When more your customers are likely to remember your brand, the higher the chance they will spread the word about it.

Third, you should do your best to make your customers happy because at the end of the day, those who are unhappy about your brand are going to spread their unhappiness. On the other hand, those that are very happy with your brand will be enthusiastic in professing how great your brand is. You can increase satisfaction with your brand by meeting customer demands, offering discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs for some of your best customers.

Finally, the fourth word of mouth strategy is to build trust between your brand and your current customers. According to Multiview, generating leads is all about making sure that your leads can trust your brand and what it stands for. Leads are most likely to convert into sales when they are assured through your brand’s reputation that they will attain what they expect form your brand.

Guest Blogging

Quality content almost always comes in handy for a brand, even in the lead generation realm. If you would like to use content for lead generation, then you may want to turn to the process of guest blogging. Guest blogging entails having a blogger create a post about your brand and posting it on their blog. The post should have a link to a specific product or service that your brand offers. Alternatively, you can write the guest blog and post it on blogger’s web page. There are also a number of ways that you can make guest blogs more effective in generating leads.

According to Search Engine Journal, you can increase your leads and generate a higher rate of return by going beyond link building. Instead of just using guest blogging to traffic leads to your site, you should also work on establishing yourself as an authority in the industry. Establishing your brand as an authority in the industry generates more leads because it builds confidence in your brand and what it has to offer.

Another way to go beyond simple guest blogging is to also choose the right topics for your guest post. Most readers on guest blogs do not just want to read information that is going to be irrelevant to them. Instead, the content should target the readers, especially through keywords. In addition, if the posts are reading a local audience, then the post should include local markers so that the audience will feel closer to the content of the post.

Finally, you should also ensure that you are using the right website. Search Engine Journal further recommends that you look beyond the domain authority and industry relevance. Moreover, other pertinent factors include social following, current visitor engagement, and social shares that current posts have. The more prominent these factors are, the more likely your guest post on the blog will have an effect in generating leads.

The Power of Influencer

While turning yourself into an authority essentially turns you into a type of influencer, that does not mean that you cannot or should not tap into the power of other influencers to generate more leads.


Influencers are key for the simple reason that with an influencer backing up your product or service, you will be able to tap into their audience. According to Seraphscience, if you have used influencer strategy before and have not seen results, it may be attributed to failure to execute the strategy successfully. Rather than simply find an influencer to speak about your product or service, you need to follow a specific set of guidelines in order to see results. Let’s take a look at what those guidelines normally entail.

  • Influencer Marketing Goals. The first step in using an influencer strategy to build leads is to brainstorm what your marketing goals are and how you want an influencer to help you achieve them. In this case, since your goal is to generate leads, come up with a plan that is going to help you make a strong business case to your influencers as to why they should give you access to their audience or why they should endorse your brand.
  • How the Influencer Will Prompt Lead Generation. Your next consideration is how your influencers are going to help you reach your lead generation goals. To figure that out, determine which social media channels are the optimal bases for your influencers to post on and what they should say about your product or service to ensure that results are met.
  • The Focus on Building Trust. Finally, in a report by a marketing firm on Slide Share, it is recommended that your influencer also work on building trust between their audience and your brand. Building trust can come in the form creating relevant content and distributing it on social media to their audience or posting simple testimonials or opinion pieces regarding what is great about your brand.

Overall, with the above influencer strategies, you should be able to easily tap into the power of an influencer for the results that you are aiming for. Now let’s turn to an approach that actually allows your brand to take a more pro-active stance at lead generation – YouTube videos.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is not only a highly effective option at generating more leads, but it is also one that can be fun and engaging for your brand and its viewers. As Marketing Sherpa points out, the ongoing popularity of online videos is what drivers the leads.

To generate leads for your brand using YouTube, you first need to create an account. When creating the account, you should focus on points such as a description of your brand, how to communicate with your brand, the channel history, and links to your videos.

After establishing your channel, you can create videos for your brand to generate leads. The videos that you use are the pivotal point at reaching your lead generation goals. For optimal results, you should treat videos much like your content – make it relevant to the viewer. The videos should feature content that your users and potential users are interested in. In addition, when producing the videos, make them shareable so that your current users can post them on their social media accounts in order to spur more outreach.

Finally, your YouTube videos should be posted on a regular schedule. As with most social media marketing and other forms or marketing, following a set schedule is the surest way to ensure that your outreach is effective.

Twitter as a Tool

Finally, if your brand does not have a Twitter account, then it is time to get one. According to HubSpot, at least 40% of new customers came through Twitter. The lead generation strategy that you implement through Twitter is one of the easiest strategies that you have at your disposal.

screenshot-www hubspot com 2016-03-04 11-52-04

To use Twitter to generate leads, you have numerous tactics that you can implement. For example, as the CEO of Cyber Mark International suggests, you should use Twitter to “promote sales, products, or services… and utilize hashtags so that potential clients can find your sale or topic.” In addition, Twitter also gives you access to “buying signals.” Buying signals are hashtags and mentions regarding what your brand has to offer or simply posts that generally discuss your brand.

Twitter also has a blog that explains how you can create a lead generation campaign on its website. When formulating your lead generation strategy, resources such as what a social media tool has about how to use a strategy on its site will be of use.


Overall, lead generation is not meant to be tricky or particularly challenging. With the right tools and resources, you can certainly achieve your lead generation results.

Before you implement a lead generation strategy, it is recommended that you get a view of your metrics through lead generation software. The software can provide you with an insight into your current lead rate, where your traffic is coming from, and similar points. In addition, since there is so much software on the market, you will be able to find out which options suit your needs best.

Another thing to think about as we close this topic is that the tips above are fairly easy to add into your marketing routine. Once you have these points added to your system, you will be able to follow their progress through your lead generation software. If you find that a strategy is not working well enough for you, then you may need to tweak your approach or you can drop that option and turn to a different lead generation strategy that will work for your brand better. Since all brands are different, not every method is going to work the same. At the end of the day, you just need to find what works best for you.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and what other tips have for attracting quality leads. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.


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