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A post on a blog can take you from zero traffic to a thousand visitors a month if you do it right. This is not a pie in the sky statement either. Most bloggers will tell you that at some point, they wrote an article that catapulted them in the rankings for a search term, and then gave them steady traffic thereafter. The reason for this is often quite simple. It’s all in the way you finish a post/article.

Let’s say you are covering some news about Twitter, which is just general interest – nothing controversial. You should write as much as possible on the subject, and leave at least two hanging questions in the air.

Coming towards the end of the article, you should direct these questions at the reader, and see if they can answer them. The questions can be related to the main topic, or a topic that is closely related. If you can get them thinking, they are more likely to hit the “Comment” button. The real trick to getting a post popular, is actually including about 100 words that are specifically crafted to get them replying or sharing the post. If the subject is about Twitter (in this case) you should include sharing links for Twitter, and you should also cover it on Twitter yourself. Tie in as much as you can.


Spend a little time thinking about conflicting views on the subject matter, and ensure the reader has the opportunity to take sides. Sometimes, you can single out a certain type of person in your demographics, and they are more than willing to reply. For example, if you want to get the opinions of female internet marketers who work from home, or from internet marketers who use XYZ product – why they chose it over ZYX product. Singling out can definitely work wonders.

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