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Arguments for and Against AdSense


AdSense is the bloggers friend, and you will have heard it a million times before – but have you ever heard the case for the total absence of AdSense on your website? Of course, there are people who have had many issues with AdSense, and have been seemingly banned for no reason, or maybe they have had thousands of visitors and a very low click through on the ads themselves. These stories never discourage bloggers or web developers from actually trying AdSense, because its so darned easy to get an account set up, and have high paying ads on your site. This should be a total success story, even for those with low traffic, surely? Well, that’s not the case, because positioning alone can cost you loads of clicks, as well as irrelevant ads showing on your site. The success of the AdSense blocks on a site does not totally rely on the content of the site itself, there’s lots of other factors affecting click throughs.


So, back to the argument – could you genuinely do without AdSense on your site? And why would you want to? Well one of the main reasons is the fact that as soon as the visitor clicks that ad, it becomes a lost visitor to you. The visitor may have clicked on an Amazon ad, or even a paying advertiser if they had only stopped a few moments longer. It’s quite the puzzle why you would want to actually get a visitor to a site that wasn’t simply made for AdSense (MFA) in the first place. Sure, there are MFA sites out there under Google’s radar, and they will no doubt continue to make money for some time. Consider the fact that some bloggers actually want to keep the visitor on the site, and maybe subscribe. If this is your business model, then you should not be considering putting AdSense on at all. Retention is key to most businesses, and you should be no different with your shop front – which is your blog/site.

Another argument against AdSense is the fact that some ads on AdSense are actually your competitor. If you are promoting a few products for your contacts, and you take a hefty 50% commission on them, then what happens when a visitor spies a product in an AdSense block that is competing with your commission product? You will lose revenue, and get paid a small fee for that click instead.

Think carefully about AdSense – and if it is right for your business model in the first place. If you want retention, move on, there’s nothing to see here.

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  1. I think the problem with anything related to google is that google lacks neutrality when it comes to anything related to search engine. Google had fewer ads on his front page in the past but look at it now, it is close to being obsolete. He has the ppc which is a competitor to adsense and I am sure Google prefers to extend its use. If an advertiser is not making money he might be thinking to use it, so it is in best interest for google to make it harder when it comes to seo It is like having a conflict of interest in any work. I am sure there will come a time when these relations have to be regulated.

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