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Are Online Ads Necessary Anymore?

With all the stuff you read about social media and word of mouth searching and buying these days, you might beg the question, “Are online ads even necessary anymore?” Considering that Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have pretty much taken over, it’s a question well worth asking. So let’s explore that topic a little more, shall we?

Here’s how I view online ads – and you might see that it lines up with some other things I’ve written on recently. First of all, different businesses have different needs. What I mean by that is, if you run a brick and mortar business, your needs will be quite different than if you run an internet-based business that does not attract customers in person.

Ad Examples

Here are what your needs might look like if you’re a physical business. First, you need an online reputation on websites like Google Maps and Yahoo Local. When you have a good internet presence, you probably want to start paying for online ads. Why? Because it ensures that, given you’re spending enough on ad bids, you make it to the front page of Google, regardless of how well you’ve done your SEO in comparison to your competition.

The same idea goes for internet marketers, but in a different way. Let’s say for instance that you run a website teaching people how to get back together with their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend whom they miss dearly. Guess what? You’ve got a ton of competition nationwide! The difference between you and the above example is that you’re trying to target the whole nation! The business above is only trying to target their own area of customer service needs, so their competition is sizably less.

So which of these businesses would really benefit the most from purchasing online ads? Probably the local one, unless the online one can really find some long tail keywords that aren’t too expensive and will convert. If you can find those – more power to you. If not, don’t feel bad, because many people can’t. If you don’t already have a huge presence online, you will be more successful in branding your site and trying to market on search engines later.

For either kind of business, I highly recommend looking into Facebook ads. As a disclaimer before doing so, however, explore whether your industry is usually successful with these ads. Even if it’s not, don’t discourage yourself from trying, but you may have the added challenge of putting a new spin on the way you market yourself to make your niche seem attractive to new customers and visitors. Consider, for example, writing a high quality article, posting about it on Facebook and promoting that one post on a Facebook ad. I’ve used this technique successfully and would highly recommend you try the same, at least for a week or two to see if anything sticks.

Use these ideas to start making your brand or niche more popular online – without breaking the bank!


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