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Another Great Keyword Research Method…

keywords_niche_huntingWe have spoken about quick and easy ways to find keywords before on the blog, and the main theme throughout the posts is the fact that it shouldn’t take you all day to find the keywords.

To be honest, it should take you a few minutes at the most. The following method was written about on a couple of forums and buried under some not so grateful responses – when in actual fact, the method is quite simple and very effective.

One of the kings of the internet today is Ezine Articles. Renowned for being able to get traffic to a site in mere days, and also give your site a real boost in the SERPs,

Ezine is one of the favored places for a marketer to spend some time earning money. This method relies on the sheer power of Ezine Articles, and the fact that hundreds if not thousands of marketers are already on there kicking ass and taking names.

Firstly we will need to search Google for a good niche keyword, only on Ezine:

scar site:ezinearticles.com “This article has been viewed 1000..” “Article Submitted On: * *, 2009”

This will give us articles that have had a minimum of 1000 views in 2009 for the keyword ‘scar’.

Find an article that you want to take a look at. Now, moving on, we need to grab some keywords. Obviously, we know that this marketer understands SEO to get x amount of views… so we simply view the page source for that article: in your browser , click View > Page Source

At the top of this page, about 6 lines down you will see:

<meta name=”keywords” content=…

 …and a list of keywords.

These keywords are workable and provable – in essence, they work. If they didn’t work, then naturally the article writer would not have so many views, right?

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