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An Idea for the Offliners (Part 1 of 2)


A friend of mine called me today to ask for a favor. In return he said he’d let me in on one of his latest “secrets.” I obliged, of course, and didn’t really expect much in return, as the favor was not much at all. What he told me gave me a much better and bigger idea. His secret was pretty basic, but highly effective. It relied on two things – offline businesses, and online keywords. He used classified ads in a newspaper to get new keywords to try on his local sites. He looked at the services people offered, and turned them into keywords. I thought “great!”, but then I also thought there was much more to it than that. There was a potential goldmine for people who are willing to take action, and pick up the phone, or go and speak with people.


The reason most offline businesses struggle is because they go in asking for money. No business WANTS to spend money. They only do it when they NEED to. So, here’s the idea:

You research a niche, such as “crane hire” (that’s the second time I’ve used this, and it’s because I think it’s a great niche!). You get out your White Pages, and you start looking for National crane hire businesses, and then list all the ones in your local area. Contact each one, and tell them that you are setting up a free information site for the industry. You are looking for subjects to write articles on. Would it be possible for you to email them with a couple of questions, and they can get back to you at any time. With that initial contact set up, you then create an email that asks them questions like “What is the most common job your cranes are hired for” and any similar questions you can find. You want to get a better understanding of what THEIR customers are searching for.

Once you get your answers back, you reply with a thank you, and move on to step 2 (see Part 2 tomorrow!).

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