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Amazon Affiliate Text Links

Amazon is a behemoth of an online presence, and as such, has thousands of happy and earning affiliates. Of course, there amazon-affiliationare probably thousands more affiliates that are still not earning any revenue from having Amazon on their website.

This should be a simple equation, when you add up the pros and take off the cons. It’s almost like the perfect affiliate setup, because you have got a huge online company that can deliver the products offline. They also allow millions of people to access the site to sell products for themselves.

Anyone who wants to affiliate with these people (or Amazon) can do so by clicking a few buttons, and then start to earn money. The equation is perfect, except we have missed out the one thing that truly matters to get the grand total of “revenue”… and that is traffic.

Traffic can be a cruel beast, and sometimes hits you where it hurts if you are paying for it. If you’re not paying for it, then you are investing time in it, so the end result MUST produce revenue. The problem with monetizing a site with Amazon, is the same problem millions of bloggers face every day – banner blindness. Most people are immune to banners, images of products, big stickers with money off etc. So you have to be pretty creative in how you link to products.

The best way bloggers link to Amazon products now, is by straightforward text links, which appear contextually, just as Chitika and Adbrite etc. Think about it. The most popular and emerging advertising strategy now is contextual or in-text ads – so why buck the trend with Amazon products, and display images and banners?

Head over to Amazon, and look at some of the great products in your niche that you can affiliate with, and simply try out a few text links in the body of your posts, rather than widgets and carousels. You may be very surprised with the statistics.

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