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All About Leveraging Apps

appsThe title itself is a little cryptic, and that has mainly to do with the fact that apps are still in their infancy as far as the mainstream internet marketers are concerned. If you are not sure of what an app is, or what it could do for your business, then this article will shed some light on the whole subject for you.

Occasionally we are faced with a dilemma in business. We are faced with a choice of learning or don’t earn. Diversification means your business is never stagnant, and will always reach new clients. These clients may currently reside in different markets – but you can certainly tap in at will.

Apps are available for many platforms. You can have an app on your iPhone that will calculate a mortgage repayment plan, and you can also find one that will cancel out the noise of a vuvuzela in a football match on TV. This strikes a chord with many people – with something that flexible and completely malleable – surely there is a way to get your business involved? In all cases, this is true. If you are an internet marketer, then whatever product you are delivering to the client, can be further enriched with an app for an iPhone, a Smartphone, a Facebook page and beyond. To give you an example, here is a case study:

The Manic Marketer blog offers superb ideas to maximise your revenue. Most of the world accesses this website via Google or Twitter or a number of other places that link in. Rather than linking straight from Facebook, with a simple URL, it would be much more productive to create an app which engaged the visitor in the first instance, and then channelled them to the blog. One way of doing this could be to create an app for Facebook which acted as an information hub. When people signed up for the app, they would be given free information on backlinks, SEO and such. This information would be sent to them via email, and then a short description would be posted to their public wall, saying “Joe Public has just been taught the 5 top FREE backlinking methods by The Manic Marketer”. Everyone the person is friends with would see this appear on the wall. Then, any friends interested in marketing would of course click and install the app on their Facebook, and so on and so forth.

This is just one example of an app at work, and creating viral traffic for little work. An app like this can be created for a few hundred dollars through a freelance website, by professional programmers. Imagine the possibilities of iPhone apps that could tell people the competition of a keyword that they just thought up on a train journey? Or an app for a Smartphone that could post an SEO friendly blog post on your blog whilst you wait for a dental appointment?

The limits are your imagination, and apps are rapidly being hailed as the best viral tools we can get for a business. As ever, the choice is simple – learn or don’t earn.

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