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3 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Really Generates Leads

Does affiliate marketing still generate enough leads for companies? Some would like to think affiliate marketing is no longer generating enough leads to be relevant in today’s Internet--especially with the growing popularity of ad blockers and tracker blockers (such as Ghostery). However, affiliate marketing still does have its benefits and when you take into consideration the lack of a decent ad blocker on mobile devices and the fact millions access the Internet primarily on their phone, affiliate marketing shouldn’t be overlooked.

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7 Ways to Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing

Not to be confused with referral marketing—promoting products or services to new customers through word of mouth—affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where associates are rewarded based on the traffic they bring to the company on their own. Since Google is always changing its landscape, it is important to know how to continue using affiliate marketing in a way that will benefit your company rather than waste everyone’s time and money.      There was a time in the early years of the Internet where affiliate marketing was the best way to showcase your products. With the growth and ...

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Amazon: Which eCommerce Products You Should Be Promoting

Do you want to learn how you can increase your earnings with Amazon’s affiliate program? There’s one simple secret that can guarantee your success with Amazon. That is, to determine the right products to promote and Amazon has plenty of products to choose from. The issue that many affiliate marketers encounter is how exactly to choose which eCommerce products you should be promoting. With all the products that Amazon has you can’t just choose any product and expect to earn a lot simply by promoting it. In order to find the product that would be most profitable for you to ...

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Tips to Improving Your Amazon Affiliate Sales

Every affiliate marketer knows that without sales you might as well not even be marketing, and with Amazon’s affiliate program it’s no different.  If you are looking for a few different tips that you can use to improve your sales as an Amazon affiliate marketer then look no further. A Little About Amazon’s Associates Program Amazon Associates was one of the first online affiliate marketing programs to help both bloggers and non-bloggers monetize their website by advertising the millions of products available on Amazon.com. Launched in 1996 the Amazon Associates program has a track record of over 12 years and ...

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The Guide to Getting Amazon Affiliate Approval

Anyone who owns a website or blog knows how costly maintenance and marketing can be. The most successful websites are known to have large budgets, thus making it difficult for smaller websites to compete. While there are dozens of ways to increase funding for your website, one of the most popular ways is to tap into the advantages of Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. This problem is one of the most costless and successful money making tools for any website, especially if you know how to use it right. To get the most out of this program and to get started, ...

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