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Affiliate Marketing Blog: Turning Your Blog into Cash

Affiliate marketing blog ideas abound across the web. There are dozens of ways to make a constant stream of income from your blog, Affiliate Marketing Blogeven if it’s not set up to make money right now.

Most blogs begin as fledgling projects. Their authors get all excited at the inception of the blog, then they spend a few days creating a header, picking a template and writing their first few blog posts. Then the next week, they get distracted with work, school, or their kids, and they abandon their blog project.

Affiliate Marketing Blog: Getting Serious About Blogging

If you’re going to create an affiliate marketing blog, you need to be serious about your choice. This isn’t a decision you can approach with a nonchalant attitude. You need to set up the blog as an authority site that readers will recognize as such. Once you establish yourself as an expert in your field, getting into the affiliate marketing end of the business becomes easier.

As with any authority blog, you need to develop plenty of expert content. Spinning PLR articles or ripping off someone else’s content isn’t the answer, as much as this method seems to be a favorite amongst newbie marketers. The search engines see right through these tactics and penalize your site or blog once they catch on.

Creating your own affiliate marketing blog content can save a lot of money in the long run if you have the knowledge to write your own affiliate marketing blog posts. If you chose your niche correctly, you selected a topic that you could write on from experience.

If you didn’t choose a topic you’re knowledgeable in, or if you can’t create all your content yourself, then you might need to hire a professional writer to do it for you. But whichever option you choose, remember to use only unique, original content. This will not only please the search engines but appeal to your readers as well.

Launching the Affiliate Part of the Affiliate Marketing Blog

So how do you get the affiliate marketing blog up and running with the affiliate end of business? Let’s start with the basics first. You need to choose some affiliate platforms to sign up for, such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, LinkShare, Share A Sale or Azoogle.

What do these websites do for you? Put simply, they act as an affiliate manager between two parties: You and the vendor. The vendor sells products that fit into your niche. You, the affiliate, promote those products on your blog and earn an affiliate commission when a reader buys the product through your link. The affiliate manager handles the transaction and makes sure you get paid the promised amount of money.

These affiliate sites offer a catalog of all their vendors, so you can page through the listings and sign up for the programs that fit your blog. If the vendor approves you as an affiliate, you can search their links and add the appropriate HTML codes to your blog.

Be selective in the process. You don’t want to spend a lot of time promoting products that perform poorly or pay out very little money. You also don’t want a lot of refunds on your hands, as the vendor will often take away your commission when an item gets returned.

But don’t lose heart. Many affiliate marketing blog sites can earn more than enough money to count as a full-time job for their owners, and if you have the determination to keep it going, you will reap the rewards.

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