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Adwords Tips you Cannot Live Without

adwords-strategyWhilst trying to make life really easy for us, and to make us lots of money, Google are usually a little off the mark, and end up hindering us with progress.

They can’t help it – and they do mean well. The problem is, their tools are usually flawed by actual practical use. For example, the Google Adwords Keyword tool is awesome, but also has similar looking tools like the Search Based tool and Adwords sandbox etc. Why confuse things in this way?

Also, whilst we are on the subject of Google confusing matters – why don’t they have built in tools for Adwords campaigns, instead of leaving it to part time coders who knock out these little tools whilst sat in their bedrooms playing Warcraft?


adwords_toolsTo give you a quick list of related keywords for your chosen niche, you can try the regular route of the Adwords Keyword Tool etc, or you could try some ontology over at GoRank : http://www.gorank.com/seotools/ontology/

This will provide some very common keywords related to your original keyword. This is extremely useful when looking for big keyword lists for Adwords. You can then combine related terms, and put these into Adwords to find out the click value. You will be very surprised at how many unusual combinations of  words have got searches.

The best thing you can use when putting together an Adwords campaign, is a duplicate remover. The thing is, with many keyword tools, and with manual searches, you are bound to come across a few duplicate keywords and keyphrases. So we need to weed these out. We do this with a neat little tool over at iweb. The iwebTools Quick Dedupe will strip out all your duplicate keywords in a flash.

Once we have got rid of the duplicate keywords, we also need to add Exact, Phrase and Broad versions of our keywords, so we can see the value of the Adwords clicks. We do this by going to Jumbo Keyword tool and using their massive range of tools to wrap the keywords with the appropriate brackets etc. If the Jumbo tool is too much for you, there is a simple tool at Mikes Marketing Tools dot com – AdWords Wrapper.

Now you are pretty much ready to do battle on the Adwords market. These tools should have save you lots of time, and isn’t it unfortunate that Google never thought to include these tools for us paying customers?



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