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Advanced Email Marketing: All About Re-targeting

Email marketing is BOOMING. Even though social media marketing is on the rise, few other methods can compare to the continuous revenue that email marketing provides, making it the clear cut favorite for online business owners.

91% of consumers check their email daily. 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email. Needless to say, the potential is there.

If you ask any successful internet marketer what the first step is when creating a profitable online business, 9 out of 10 will likely tell you to begin building a list of subscribers. Today I’ll be covering some advanced methods that can yield some BIG results.

Re-targeting Potential Consumers Based on Behavior

Have you ever clicked on an ad one day and suddenly begin to see similar ads from the same brand popping up everywhere you go? It’s not a coincidence.

These companies are literally following you around the web. Thanks to the ever evolving computer age, entrepreneurs have been able to develop the technology to ensure that their brand continues to be visible even after the potential consumer has left their site.

This is a form of marketing known as re-targeting. The company in question knows that you’ve shown interest in their product or service already by clicking on their ad, thus making you a warm lead.

Warm leads are far more likely to convert than a cold lead that has shown no interest at all in what they are providing. It makes sense right? What does this have to do with email marketing? Everything!

You have the same ability to track the movement of your subscribers through the analytics provided to you. What I’d like to show you is a few methods that you can use in order to capitalize on these leads yourself.

Re-targeting People that have Visited Your Sales Page

Let’s imagine that you’ve recently launched an information product. For the sake of this post, we’ll call this product “Awesome Sauce”.

Jane Doe subscribes to your list and reads through all of your auto response emails. In your emails you’ve linked to your Awesome Sauce sales page. Jane Doe clicks on the link, but for whatever reason, decided not to follow through.

Your analytics will show what subscribers have clicked through the links that you’ve provided in your emails. By setting up an alternate series of emails, specifically for those that have already seen your offer, you just may be able to persuade Jane Doe to go back and purchase Awesome Sauce.

After all, Jane Doe has shown interest in your niche by becoming a subscriber. She then showed further interest by reading your emails and clicking through to your sales page. At this point, it’s safe to say that Jane Doe is a hot lead.

However, for whatever reason, Jane was hesitant to continue on through your sales funnel. Perhaps she just needs a bit of reinforcement on your part in order to make her feel comfortable about making a purchase.

3-5 emails that focus specifically on reinforcing the value in your product may be enough to get Jane Doe to reconsider purchasing Awesome Sauce.

Shopping Cart Abandonment? Not On My Watch!

Have you ever checked to see how many potential consumers have clicked through to your checkout page? You’d be absolutely AMAZED to see the total number of people that reach the checkout page and for one reason or another, simply dump their cart and leave.

Trust me, I’m not making this up either. The statistics are astounding. According to a study conducted by SaleCycle, in the first quarter of 2013, the average shopping cart abandonment rate for online sales was approximately 73.6%. This means that 3 out of every 4 people that reach the final stages of your sales funnel, may never actually convert.

By ignoring this, we leave A LOT of potential revenue on the table. With a little bit of knowledge, it may be possible to turn some of those abandonments into sales.

Imagine if you targeted those on your subscribers list that abandoned the checkout page with a series of very specific emails that focused on countering their objections and offering an alternative option (which we’ll cover in a second).

According to the analytics company, Statista, the most frequent reasons that people leave a site without making a purchase can be seen below.

email marketing and re-targeting

Pro Tip: The most frequent reason for leaving a site prior to paying are additional costs. Before you begin creating emails, ensure that your entire pricing model is highly visible on the sales page.

The second most frequent excuse; “just browsing” shouldn’t be an issue because your leads should be coming from your subscriber’s list. It’s unlikely that a highly targeted subscriber will be “just browsing”.

The third and fourth most frequent excuses deal with the overall price. This is something that you have complete control of. Now you’ll be able to craft a series of emails that focus on the suspected reasons why the subscriber failed to convert.

Here is a fool proof model that consists of only 3 emails;

Email #1 – will be sent as soon as possible after the initial abandonment occurred, asking the potential consumer if they had an issue. Often times, they may respond, which opens up a dialogue between the two of you. You’ll be able to answer all of their questions in detail and guide them back through the purchasing process.

Email #2 – will be sent the following day and offer a 10% discount.

Email #3 – will be sent the day after email #2 offer a 20% discount.

You may be against offering discounts, but this model has proven to work extremely well. How do I know that this works? This is the EXACT same method that Smileycookie.com used in a case study to recoup 29% of abandoned carts. Let’s do some quick math…

Let’s say that you average 100 visitors to your checkout page from your subscriber’s list every month, but only 25 convert to sales. That still leaves 75 potential consumers that made it all the way to your cart, but chose to click away.

By following the same email method presented above, and assuming that you receive similar results as Smileycookie.com, you would receive an additional 22 sales. Of course some of those sales would be slightly discounted, making estimates for the total income impossible to gauge.

However, your total number of sales may literally double simply by adding 3 extra emails to your auto responder.

The Final Word

There is far more to building a successful email marketing campaign than creating a newsletter or sending out the occasional email blast. By re-targeting potential consumers that click off your page, your business will undoubtedly flourish.

These techniques are what separate the top 5% percent of internet marketers that make a healthy living through their online ventures from the other 95% that will eventually sink.

Every business has gaps in their sales funnel. Some have massive holes that can be plugged with a few additional emails. By focusing a little bit of effort on closing those gaps, you will be able to convert far more people than you ever thought possible.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the section provided below!

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