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About Stumbling Over a PPC Idea


A funny thing happened to me today that has probably happened to the majority of my readers, therefore I had to shareppc-idea it with you. It happened by accident. I was looking (out of sheer curiosity) at the AdWords Placement tool, to see what a favorite blog of mine got in terms of traffic, and to their AdSense ads.

If you don’t have an AdWords account, get signed up for one so you can benefit from tools like this. Whilst I’m unsure whether you actually need an AdWords account to view the placement tool, it’s always worth having one for that day you want to test a quick AdWords campaign. So, sign up, and check out the Placement Tool.

What the tool does, is enable you to check through categories for your niche, or enter a keyword, or enter a website URL. It will then display all the sites in the inventory that have AdSense on them (where you can put your own ads if you wanted). What struck me was that I had only ever used this tool for the way it was intended, and that – seriously – is where we all mess up. The thing is, online, we are prone not just to banner or advert blindness, but also resource blindness. We come across a good tool, and think “Yeah, I like that,” and we use it fairly regularly without exploring what else it can do for us.

Here’s one way the placement tool can help you, and it really is probably just one way – and there may be hundreds…

Enter the website URL of a site, and then look in the results for the actual URL. Sometimes you will see related sites. Ignore these for now. Let’s say you went for technorati.com as your URL. When you click on the magnifying glass (Site) in the results area, you will be taken to a page that provides you with in depth analysis of the traffic that hits the site. See where it says “Sites also visited”? This is what I have overlooked for a while… this little snippet of information that tells you the OTHER sites that people visit and their Affinity score as well. Why would you want to know this? Well, you can test your PPC advertising on one site in the list (with the highest traffic), and then test a smaller campaign on the other sites. Have you ever been tempted to click an AdSense ad because you saw it on many of the sites you regularly visit? Yes, me too! This is a great way to get your brand noticed – and all it takes to research it IN DEPTH, is a few clicks…


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