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A New Wave in High Power Keyword Research

Say ‘niche keywords’ and ‘unique articles’ and people are tuning out immediately. The problem is, people have heard it all before, how a service or a piece of software can give you back your precious time, and reduce some of your current outsourcing budget. There are few professionals on The Warrior Forum, and in the Internet Marketing Community that live up to expectations, and really make you feel like you are a special client, having all your needs taken care of. After all, we don’t all fit in the same category, and a service off the shelf is not always what we require, and maybe we require flexibility with a software solution?

I would like to introduce you to Mark Byrne, a member of the Warrior Forum, and author of some huge selling WSO’s, co-authoring guides with respected names like Daniel Tan, Veit Schenk and Karl Warren. Outspoken, and thoroughly independent in his methods, Mark set out to disprove that internet marketing has lost all originality. After writing guides to help people create high earning blogs, and creating a huge traffic generation method with Mr. Tan, he turned his attention to software and content.

“After a while everyone gets sick of Google. Along with millions of other developers, I’ve been a victim of their selective ranking technology. Their algorithm (or 10 sided dice as I think of it) can be the make or break for an online business. The only thing that has ever stayed true, is the unique content and quality research that is paramount for getting ranked.” said Mark, “and it just so happens that these two factors are the most costly in Internet Marketing, when you’re looking to outsource. So I thought it was time to make both the content and research completely accessible, and very cost effective,”

Mark now runs a content service, which is the answer to a lot of our prayers. What takes the most time on any project is putting together keyword analysis, and then writing the actual content. To make it appealing to Google, there should also be some visitor candy (like video, images, or downloadable free content such as a PDF). Mark and his team offer this as a daily service, and will basically run your content on your blog or website, adding keyword and LSI rich articles, adding videos, images and free content to ensure your visitors stay longer, and keep coming back for more. Along with your visitor popularity, the search engines will begin to notice this high quality content – and natural ranking will begin. Because Mark is a firm believer in LSI and its importance, your articles and posts will be 100% search engine catnip. This unique service is a steal, being priced at just $5.00 per article, per day.

“We have found that our clients will use the service in many ways. The most popular method is to have us work on a niche Adsense blog for a short time (providing the unique content) and then flip the site on a site like Flippa.com. Coupled with their own SEO methods, the unique content gets a lot of Google love, and of course – rankings and converting traffic. This makes any site and easy sell,”

The content research is built up every day using Mark’s bespoke software – Keyword Predator – which delivers low competition and high volume keywords & LSI phrases/keywords.

Now, as you know, my Keyword Funnelling Technique is very much focused on the same thing and the fact that this tool can identify these terms and save me a ton of time is just perfect.

Each article created can compete on the search engines by itself, and is of course 100% unique & Copyscape passed. Keyword Predator is also available for sale to the general public on a $1.00 trial – which makes it totally accessible if you want to take it for a test drive.

You can see Mark’s Warrior Forum listing here: The Ultimate Unique Content Service


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