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A Fresh Take on the “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Anyone with ADD, ADHD and distraction tendencies online have probably experienced, if not already heard of, something called SOS, or “shiny object syndrome.” In today’s day and age where we have so much demanding our attention – from social media and networks to flashy ads, videos, text messages and more – shiny objects are always right around the corner. In order to be a well-functioning internet marketer, you have to learn how to digest these objects, give credence to which ones have potential and discard anything that doesn’t.

Believe me, it’s easier said than done. I’ve been all around the internet marketing world, and I still live in it, so I know just as well as the next guy that it can be nearly impossible to sift through all of the shiny objects that come at us day in and day out.

More on the Shiny Object Syndrome

But that doesn’t mean we should use this as an excuse to let this problem take over our lives. At its very foundation, the whole meaning behind a shiny object syndrome is that it’s just something new and shiny that catches our attention. It’s nothing that much different from anything we’ve seen before; it just happens to stand out from what we’re used to right now.

This throws many internet marketers for a loop, especially when it comes to new trends, websites and technology. They suddenly go into a panic and try to make their current selling strategies fit this new “shiny object” and as a result, they lose sight of the big picture.

For example, this happened to many people who loved Facebook ads, but then got way off track when Pinterest hit the scene. So many got wrapped up into this new social network that they focused all of their strategies and energies on it, instead of keeping up with the good things they were doing on Facebook and simply adding Pinterest as a secondary marketing outlet. Luckily for them, Pinterest was here to stay, but that’s not the case with many other social media networks that spring up now and then in hopes of being the next Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, some marketers throw all of their hard work to the wind when something new comes on the scene. Suddenly, just because some internet marketing guru starts talking about a new niche or idea, they all decide their current ideas aren’t good enough and discard them. Yikes! This is a terrible game plan!

Many of the new ideas that hit the scene are not game-changers, just game alterers. They simply add new ways of doing what you already do well. In addition, you must decide if you are even capable of working with the new development in the marketplace. If your niche or product does not lend itself to this new “shiny object’s” way of survival, then you yourself are not going to survive. It’s that simple.

So the next time you find yourself about to be led astray by something new and fandangled, give yourself a quick check, because it might not be worth risking everything you’ve worked hard for.



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