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A Deadline for Success – How to Recreate the Results

In the main blog today, I wrote a piece called “A Deadline For Success”. I just wanted to follow that up with a members’ deadline_for_successspecial on how to actually plan that attack, and show you how easy it will be to get there.

In March 2010 my friend purchased a domain name called waystodisciplinechildren.com. This is the website I spoke about in the main blog. After purchasing the domain, he installed WordPress – and that is genuinely all he did.

Now, in October 2010, it ranks page one for the keyword he wanted “ways to discipline children”. The site was to be an affiliate portal for Amazon products and Clickbank guides, but as I say – he never got round to any of this (nor did he do any SEO). If you take a look at the site, you will see it does not have ANY content on there.

Okay, so how can you take this example and actually turn it into a business plan? Well, the results should be inspirational, because it doesn’t get much easier than “zero work”. However – as I said in the main blog – if he HAD worked on the site, it would be ranking for various keywords. So, here’s how to turn this into your own success story, if you only have a few minutes per day:-

1.       Set a target of 6 months or bust.

2.       Choose a niche (use this blog as a guide on how to find niches).

3.       Find a keyword you can rank for easily with just a few hundred searches per month on Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Now find as many more as you can, each one having more search results and competition than the last.

4.       Buy the domain, buy the hosting, and install WordPress.

5.       Write an article EVERY day, based on the keywords you have found, with each article being more and more competitive.

6.       Pay close attention to H1, H2, H3, title and description tags. Ensure you have external links on each post, as well as internal links. This is basic SEO but it works. Get more detailed when you are ready.

7.       Work on the blog or 6 months. In 6 months time, return to this blog and post your results.

This seems so easy – so why aren’t more people doing it?

All you have to remember, is that besides all your other projects, like following my tutorials in the Inner Circle, and purchasing other guides out there – you must find time to keep a long term project running. By far and away, long term blogs like the one above will win out.


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  1. Six months work plan is very good because it will keep you focused on the goal. And constant update of content and social promotion are very important as well. The advantage with social media, it will get you followers who are committed to your site. And the return rate will also be high. But to keep this rate high, you have to update the site every week.

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