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9 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter FollowersLearning to speak Twitter can be like learning to speak a new language. There are new words, new abbreviations, new kinds of relationships and even new etiquette. New or even intermediate Twitter marketers often have to spend so much energy just keeping up with Twitter that it’s tough to pay attention to effective strategy.

These 9 tips will help you cut through the fluff. These are the 9 most important tips to pay attention to if you want to get more Twitter followers.

#1 – Post Your Best Tweets on Friday. About 18% of tweets get retweeted on Friday. The rest of the week fluctuates up and down. Sunday and Saturday are the worst, both with about an 11% retweet rate.

#2 – Ask for Retweets Privately. Don’t just hope that retweets happen on their own. Reach out and ask for them, but do it privately. Don’t be one of those tweeters who floods their feed with “retweet please?”

#3 – Address Breaking News. Whenever possible, play off of breaking news, especially if it’s related to your industry. Breaking news gets shared more than almost any other kind of content. Even if it’s a mainstream piece of news, see if you can somehow link it back to your topic.

#4 – Start Many Conversations. Whenever someone retweets you, thank them. Whenever someone @replies you, @reply them back. Be proactive about starting conversations. Conversations build relationships and give other people interesting topics to jump in on.

#5 – Use hashtags.org to Research Hashtags. Research a hashtag before you use it. Make sure it doesn’t already have another meaning. If you’re using existing tags instead of coining your own, use hashtags.org to check the tag’s traffic. The more traffic, the more followers you’ll get as a result of being part of that conversation.

#6 – Be Emotional. Every once in a while, share something that’s emotional. It’s a great way to build rapport and get people to connect with you. Business accounts shouldn’t do this too often; but shouldn’t skip it entirely.

#7 – Do People Favors. If someone asks you to retweet, do it. If someone asks you to #FF (Follow Friday) them, check them out. Lookup their website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, etc and see if they’re a good match. If so, go ahead and #FF them. Do people favors. In time, you’ll have a whole network of people whom you can ask favors from later.

#8 – Use Multi-Media. Don’t just send text content. Send videos, infographics, podcasts and more. Different people prefer different kinds of media. Make sure you hit your entire customer base by using all kinds of media.

#9 – Follow Friday. Use Follow Friday to bring real value to your followers. Don’t just spam out any random tweeter like so many people do. Be selective. Train your followers to trust in your recommendations by really doing your research and bringing them people they’d be interested in.

Follow these nine tips and your Twitter follower will grow very, very quickly.


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  1. Hi Sean,
    I was just gearing up my Twitter marketing when I got your email. This is awesome information that I can use to help boost my Twitter marketing efforts.

    As usual, thanks for the great tips. Keep em’ coming.

    Steve G

  2. Great tips! Thanks Sean.

    -Bryan Floro

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