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9 Tips to Creating a Consumer-Friendly Sales Page

Without a great, consumer-friendly sales page, your online marketing campaign is not complete. In fact, your landing page is the chief component because this is how you make that first impression. Within seconds’ viewers will decide whether to stick around and accept your call to action, or keep on moving.

If a visitor sees your sales page as unappealing, without a captivating CTA, not only will the bounce rate skyrocket, Google’s quality score will plummet. This will directly affect the price of your Google Ads, which will continue to increase. Google factors in bounce rate as well as site indexing for ranking purposes. Therefore, if your bounce rate is through the roof, so will be your ad pricing.

Before you can know how to create a consumer-friendly sales page, you first need to understand the purpose of developing a good landing site. Do you want to gain information by getting users to fill out a form? Do you want them to sign up for an email or product list? The answer can be anything you need, but it must be definitive. Once you determine your precise goal, do some research, investigate your competitors and narrow down your target audience.

By clearly mapping out these points you can build a strong foundation for your consumer-friendly sales page. With that information, you can capture the right audience.

The following nine tips will help you create an effective, consumer-friendly sales page that is also conversion-friendly:

  1. Short, Sweet, Crisp Copy

Nobody likes a lengthy, disorganized page, cluttered with long-winded copy. All the necessary information should be available without a lot of fluff. This is viewed as unsightly and overwhelming. A sales page must be short and to the point. The viewers should understand your message and what you are seeking in a brief glance, five-second max. Here is the dilemma, the average amount of time a user spends on a landing page ranges from 10 to 20 seconds before abandoning ship.

  1. Fast Loading with Relevant Links

A slow loading time will inevitably equal a high bounce rate. It has been estimated that the average sales page has only 3-5 seconds to load before a visitor departs. Therefore, your page has barely any time to make an appearance before it is a no-go. Avoid embedded content unless it is necessary to cement your point. Make do without it to save valuable loading time.

  1. Include Share Buttons and Testimonials

Positive customer testimonials always work in your favor, so include them on your sales page. Show new visitors what’s great about your products through those with first-hand knowledge. In addition, make it easy for users to share their buying experience on social media. Increase your visibility and capture your audience by providing user-friendly share buttons.

  1. One Path that Leads to Conversion

The only purpose for having a sales or landing page is conversion. It is all about leading users to take an action. This will not happen if you provide too many pathways, users won’t reach the right destination. Have one meticulous route that leads users to the desired goal. Avoid adding links that will redirect them to other pages.

  1. Clean and Organized Design

Grasp the difference between an impactful design and an overcrowded layout. Too many images or imperious designs will overwhelm users, prompting them to exit the site. Less is always better when creating a sales page. A fast glimpse should capture the viewer’s attention immediately, while simultaneously conveying the ultimate call to action.

  1. Simple, Clear and Concise CTA

The main visitors land on your sales page is to perform some sort of action, and the sooner this is accomplished, the better it is for you. To get this activity underway fast, you need to have a simple CTA in place that is easy to understand. Your call-to-action can’t be complicated, hidden or unclear. It must seize the viewer’s attention ASAP. Don’t use too many words in your call-to-action buttons, stick with simple options such as, “Order Now,” “Free Trial,” “Sign Up Here,” or “Buy Now.”

  1. Don’t Ask a Lot from Your Visitors

Typical users don’t like to spend time filling out forms. It is bad practice to ask them to disclose too much personal information. If you push a lengthy application for users to complete, the majority will opt out. Always keep fill-in forms short with no more than seven fields. If it works, request additional information in a thank you page.

  1. For Follow-up Purposes, Include a Thank You Page

Now that your user has performed the action you requested, it is time to say thank you and redirect the consumer to other relevant pages. A thank you page is the perfect place to include additional fill-in forms, links or appropriate content to suggest related products or sites.

  1. Make it Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

In 2017, this concept should come as a no-brainer. Mobile sites are used more than ever. Over half the time online users access the internet through their mobile devices. Therefore, it is vital to operating a sales page that users can access easily on any mobile device. Load time, CTA, and design should all display in exactly the same way as on a desktop sales page. This step cannot be compromised if you want to remain competitive and keep your customers happy.

Final Word

Aside from the preceding list, keep in mind that you should offer clear and concise content, relevant and compelling videos or high-quality images (when needed), and lots of A/B or split testing. Never forget that viewers have very short attention spans. They won’t stay on your sales page for more than five seconds unless it is worthwhile to do so.

If you deliver a consumer-friendly sales page that is useful and easy to use, it will boost your performance in regards to both lead generation and Google ranking. Clarity and ease of use are essential so the viewer gains a full and quick grasp of your product’s value.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for Creating a Consumer-Friendly Sales Page that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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