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7 Step “30 Minute” Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing in 30 MinutesSocial media marketing shouldn’t take an enormous amount of time. In fact, once you have your systems set up, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes a week. In just half an hour, you can build a powerful social media following, drive conversions, boost revenue and build your audience. Here’s how.

1. Sign Up for Hootsuite

Hootsuite will make managing your social media platforms much easier. You can schedule all your posts for the week in one sitting. You’ll be able to manage multiple platforms all from one screen.

2. Choose Your Post Times

Different social media websites have different optimal posting times. Here are the best times to post on the four most popular networks:

  • Twitter: 1pm
  • Facebook: 5pm
  • Google+: 10am
  • LinkedIn: 7:30am

Make sure you do your research on the best post times if you’re on other social networks. Use Google Analytics to figure out where most of your readers are, then use that as the time zone and schedule your posts accordingly.

3. Use Google News to Find Good Content

This is a key point that many web marketers miss. You don’t have to only post your own content. In fact, you shouldn’t. It’s much better to post 5 times a week with great content than it is to post just once. Even if 80% of your links point to content that isn’t yours, you’re still building rapport with your audience.

Find top notch content by other people and link to it from your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Make sure to only post content that people will love. Over time, you’ll train your audience to pay attention to you, because they know that your posts are always high quality.

4. Create Your Own High Quality Content

Create blog posts. Have videos made. Post audios. Create an infographic. Post as much content as you can, across as many different kinds of media as you can.

This is easier than it sounds. Using Fiverr, you can get basically any kind of content done for under $20. You can turn your voice into a multi-media presentation. You can turn an article into an infographic. Don’t underestimate the power of what $5 can buy you on the internet.

5. Respond to Comments

In Hootsuite, create a stream that has all your social network walls in one place. This allows you to quickly see if anyone has commented on anything. You can respond to all of these comments in one easy to access location.

6. Build One-on-One Relationships

Social media isn’t just about building thousands and thousands of followers. It’s also about one-on-one connections. Oftentimes one good personal connection is worth far more than a thousand faceless followers.

Google the people who’re following you. Are there people with blogs? People with large Twitter followings? People who speak at industry conventions? Be on the lookout for “power players” who follow you. Build those relationships.

7. Ask and You Shall Receive

Reach out and ask. Ask for people to retweet your content. Ask for website owners to link back to you. Ask for people to give you feedback. Don’t just use social media to drive sales. It can be a much more powerful tool than that. You can use it to open doors in just about every arena of your business.

Asking is best done in PMs. Don’t be afraid to message someone privately. If they’re following you, the connection is already warm.

Setting up your systems takes some time in the beginning. Once you have Hootsuite set up, your system can more or less run on its own. Apart from content creation, the entire system can be run on just 30 minutes a week.


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  1. How to do recommend the engagement part? I do plenty of it but haven’t found the right words to get them to the check out my products, services part.

    • We will be covering engagement in upcoming blog posts. Engagement is a very critical aspect but one thing that works is do not be overt about your business promotion. Much better to ask questions, answer questions, provide value etc. From there you can drive people to your sales funnel after you create that “Level 1” engagement…

  2. Hi
    thank you for the information 🙂 it is really help me
    Q: how many tweets , pic or video should i put on each month .

  3. Thank you for such a great information Sean! For me when social media is done correctly, relationships will build naturally.Begin making connections by following the conversation. You can do this by subscribing to blogs in your industry and by making a list of influencers who are relevant to your business.

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