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7 Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Ways To Make Money OnlineI’m always getting asked “What are the fastest ways to make money online?” The problem is that this is not the real question, or should I say, the real meaning.

When people ask this question they really mean “What are the fastest ways to make money without doing any work and get rich!?” Well, sorry, there is no real way to do that with a realistic business model online without putting in some effort.

That’s not to say that there are not some very good and solid ways that you can start an online business very quickly and even see some immediate returns on your efforts. As such, we have a few easy starting points that you can consider. Each one has its own strengths and requires a slightly different approach.

Internet Empires

Some people dream of owning a massive empire as if the internet is a monopoly board and they can put four hotels on “Boardwalk” or “Park Place” and that’s it…job done! It’s not THAT easy…but, luckily, creating your own Internet Empire is not as difficult as you may think…

Adsense / AdBrite Combo Sites
Most people have heard of Google Adsense. However, you are limited to just 3 spots on a website. However, if you throw in some Adbrite ads as well you can maximize your potential revenues quickly. Website owners can earn money online by placing ads that match their site content. Both of these systems are easy to implement and if you have a network of sites in different popular markets you can quickly earn revenues from the ads, banners, text ads, full page ads and even AdBrite’s referral program.

Now, if you keep these sites simple using WordPress or Joomla (my preferred platform), then it is easy to duplicate a site many times very quickly. Also, if you hook these into social networks and apply some of the other techniques we discuss on this site and in the member section to boost traffic you can soon see good returns on ad revenues. Some of my ad based sites rake in $100-200 a day!

The only downside to this approach is buying new domains, which is an out of pocket expense. However, once you have a few successful sites, they will pay for themselves very quickly and after that it’s all gravy. That being said, it can take time to gain traffic and traction in the search engines.

Commission Junction – ClickBank
Affiliate marketing is a very powerful way to make money selling other people’s products. In fact, it’s one of my favorite income streams. There is nothing better than getting paid a commission selling other people’s products and never having to deal with inventory or customer service! Commission Junction is a global leader in name brand affiliate marketing. Some of the largest companies online use CJ to facilitate their affiliate programs and you can make a lot of money with these guys. ClickBank is more focused on digital goods such as eBooks, home study courses and guides.

They tend to offer higher commission rates, but there can be a higher refund rate as well. However, that’s something they take care of for you. Now, if you have a network of AdSense sites as we mentioned in the previous method then you have a ready-made audience and platform for selling targeted products and offers, too. Also, if you are doing any list building then you can send out regular email blasts with new offers as they become available if they suit your target market.

Amazon Affiliate
This affiliate program is one of the best in my opinion. I have made a small fortune selling physical goods from these guys including camcorders, plasma TVs and even DVDs. Amazon.com is a name almost everyone is familiar with, and as an affiliate you will be partnered with a company you can trust. Create a store or shopping cart on your web site and earn revenue from sales generated. This is a great addition to any site and if you have a large network of sites it can be a very powerful extra income stream.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Other people feel a bit more creative and don’t want to take the time to create a massive network of small mini-sites. Not a problem, there are other ways you can make money online. One of my favorites is with videos…

Break Media
If making videos is your thing you can get paid to upload original videos that you filmed. Copyrighted music or images in your original video are obviously not acceptable. If break.com likes your video and features it on their homepage they’ll pay you $400 for exclusive rights, or you will earn $200 if you cannot or will not give them exclusive rights.

Either way, it is an opportunity to make some money from those videos you love to film. Visit www.break.com and browse some of the featured content items for ideas. Also, find out how uploading more videos can increase your revenue. Did I mention that they also pay you $50 for original photos if your photo is featured in a Break Gallery?

Now, how can you churn out videos? Run a video competition for creative types on somewhere like Ning.com or even your own blog and offer a cash prize for the best video. Then pay each entrant a small fee for each video in exchange for full rights. This way you get a ton of fresh, high-quality videos.

The cool thing here is that you can use these videos to promote other sites or products, like we discussed in the previous section. The added bonus here is that you did not do a thing to get all these videos and you get targeted videos at a massive discount that can be distributed to many video sharing sites and generate traffic to your sites for life!

If you have been on The Manic Marketer for a long time, you will know I am a big video marketer and make a good income from this type of promotion. One of my favorite secrets that I will share here is that Revver is a great bonus income stream. In the last tip about Break Media I shared a simple way to get videos made for next to nothing. Well, if you submit these videos to Revver as well they attach an advertisement and tracking technology to it. You generate income in two ways; from the impressions/views of the ad, and from clicks on the ad! With a very popular video in a competitive niche and with a bit of simple promotion, you can earn a nice extra bit of income from this!

Get Your Art On

This group is very similar to the video section in that it is based on creativity and you can turn your imagination into dollars. You can also use some of the techniques we mentioned in previous sections to give your sales a boost or even have others create the products for you!

CafePress is a very powerful way to make some money quickly. Set up a shop for free, then create and sell print on-demand products without the upfront costs or inventory risk. As a designer you can sell products like mugs, caps, tote bags, t-shirts, mouse pads and more. Marketing online is profitable, and CafePress provides the tools for you to increase your income. Just get yourself a simple art program like GIMP, which is free, and spawn some ideas for something funky and relevant to current trends and hot markets. Look at Google Trends, the news, and the movies. See what’s hot and come up with something relevant that you can put on a t-Shirt and make some money!

Zazzle is similar to CafePress except it’s more focused towards original art and you can have your own store running in just a few minutes. You can profit from this easy way to make money online. Sell your art, images and designs on hundreds of quality products. Want to increase your revenue? Join Zazzle’s Associate program and refer buyers to Zazzle.

Well, I just rattled these simple ways to make money online off the top of my head. These 7 ways to make money online can be used by business owners, individuals interested in Internet marketing or those that like the concept of earning income as an affiliate. The sky is the limit and out of the box thinking can often yield the most profitable results.

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