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5 Rules of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity when marketing online. However, SEO is an ever changing set of rules. Currently, these are the five of the newest rules that SEO experts say should be followed in order to be as successful with your online marketing as possible.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

For those who are not too familiar with SEO or perhaps are just getting started in internet marketing, we will begin with a brief overview. Web browsers such as Google or Bing use certain algorithms when it comes to finding results to user searches.

Keywords are used in SEO to assist you with being brought up in search results. If you do it right, you can make your way all the way to the top of the list. However, this isn’t going to happen overnight. You have to choose keywords that searchers are most likely to use in their search. For example, say you have a tire business in Tampa.

Some of the keywords that you may consider using are Tires in Tampa, Tire Stores in Tampa, New Tires, and New Tires in Tampa. Word combinations such as these are great ones to have, as users looking for tires in Tampa are likely to search using those keywords. This is a very basic description of SEO.

Rule #1- Develop a Keyword List

This will be an initial list of keywords to help your content to be picked up in user web searches related to your business, services or products. There are a few ways you can construct your list.

Make a list of the name brand products you carry, as well as any generic names you can think of for your products. For example, if you sell tires you could list the brand names of the tires you sell, as well as just the word tires, wheels, rims, hubcaps, tire installation etc.

Take some time do your own searching on the web. See what keywords you can use that will bring up sites like yours in a search. This will help you to get an idea of what other similar businesses are using for keywords and phrases.

There are also external keyword data bases that you can utilize to assist you in finding some appropriate and helpful keywords. Finally, if you have a physical store ask customers that come in what keywords they would use to search for a business such as yours.

Also you can ask your Facebook and Twitter followers the same question and get your information in their replies. Doing all or some of these to discover keywords that will make you more visible to internet users, is going to greatly increase your chances at succeeding.

Rule #2-Get Inside the Head of an Internet User

Knowing who your audience is and why they are searching is very important and there are many aspects of internet searchers that you will need to understand and anticipate. One of these aspects is to “get inside their head.”

Knowing why internet searchers are making queries in the first place can be helpful. Determine what, specifically the purpose of their web search is. Are they searching for information, to purchase goods and/or services, or need help solving a specific problem with one of your products?

Knowing what users are searching for can allow you to create keywords that will bring up your business to fit all types of queries.

Rule #3- Be Mindful of Your Audience When Creating Content

Creating content for your specific audience is going to give you the most success in fitting into web browsers’ algorithms. It can also be noted that search engines such as Google and Bing get more money for displaying results containing the highest quality of content in relation to the users’ queries.

Some companies will try to circumvent these algorithms, which is extremely difficult but possible. However, companies such as JC Penney, BMW, and Forbes all tried to get around the system and Google removed them completely from their index.

Obviously it is not productive to your business, you, or your bottom line to try and game the system. Also when deciding on your keywords, don’t necessarily use jargon that professionals in your field may use. Your keywords should be simple, layman’s terms that your target audience is most likely to search by.

Rule # 4-Provide Quality Content to Gain Links and Referrals

Google will rank you higher when they see that users are visiting your site and using the URL to send out links to their friends. This could be good or bad. The only two reasons someone shares your link is:

A.) If they were very happy or your page has informational content that is helpful.

B.) That they were very unhappy and want everyone to know that they had a bad experience.

This is why it is very important that your content be informational, easy to read, and helpful. Networking is a great way to gain more links and as we hinted to before, search engines also keep track of the sharing of your information on social media sites.

Bottom line, have content and things people want to share. Good information, maybe witty posts, or entertaining images. Including buttons for as many social media outlets as you can on your website will make it easier for users to like your page. Eventually, you will begin to climb up the ladder of search results.

Rule #5-Keep These Things in Mind When Writing SEO Material

There are specific things you will need to make sure you do to be sure that your website continues to climb further up the results rankings. Always use your keywords or phrases in the exact same order each time you post something.

Do not “keyword stuff.” Having too many keywords sends up red flags to search engines, they will deem your site “spammy” and skip it. About one to two percent of your post’s body should be keywords.

Not only are you going to sprinkle keywords throughout the body of your post, but you are going to want to put it in the title, tags and sub headings. These tips will help you to be successful in your SEO endeavors also.


These five rules are by no means all the rules. If you are just starting out, these rules will help you, but always keep on looking for more information. Search engine optimization can be very tricky, however, once you get the gist of it, you can do quite well for yourself and your business.

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