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5 Powerful Ways To Be A Content Marketing Ninja – IMSCTV

Ok, I seem to be on a roll in the last few days for content… I must have been in a very creative mood. As such, I am tackling another one of the most common questions I get “How did I make this blog so popular and how do I get all the new visitors to my site?”.

Well, the simple answer is a good content marketing strategy. In this video I show 5 simple ways to get your high-value content out there and attract new visitors that you can convert into customers and action takers.

Content Marketing is the basic process of taking the golden content you have and promoting it to the people who it is most valuable to. This can dramatically increase your social signals, rankings, and make you an authoritative leader in your market.

As one of the Icons in the Internet Marketing industry and with this site being leading blogs in the Internet Marketing space, our content marketing strategy has been very effective. With some of the more recent changes we have made, shared in the video above, our rankings across the board have skyrocketed and we have literally shoved many of our competitors out of our way to dominate the terms we want to go after.

Just to give you an idea of how effective this can be, these are recent screenshots of our Alexa rankings.

Alexa Stats IMSC

Now, Alexa should not be a real measure of success. However, as you can see, with our site being in the to 16,000 websites in the world out of BILLIONS and in the top 6,500 websites in the US, that is no mean feat.

Another factor of good content marketing I should mention and that we cover in the video is the growth in a short period of time and the increased engagement also resulted in a lower bounce rate and a lot more pageviews per visitor and a high “Daily Time on Site”. Very good engagement will also result in much greater rankings and visitors who are much more likely to come back again and again.

Watch the full video and enjoy the content. If you have any questions or comments feel free to use the comment box below as I love hearing your feedback…


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  1. Great Video Sean!
    Always loved your SEO products and you always provide valuable content. I continue watching you because I know you actually practice what you preach. All of the WP plugins I have purchased from you have worked as described and have proven to be worth WAY MORE than what i paid for them. Im looking at this BL Commando now. Looks like another very valuable tool… Im working on creating a new social bookmarking site, and I think it would be a great contribution to my traffic and SEO efforts.

    Thanks again


    • Well, I am honored to have you as a customer and glad you have got a lot of value from our products and glad you loved the video. You are right in that we practice what we preach as you see from the video with the real live proof of some of our results. I love sharing what happens “Under the Hood” of what we do.

  2. Keep up the good work Sean. One of the few who manage to keep up my curiosity when it comes to tips and solutions.
    Thank you Sean

    Frank E.

  3. Great Video Sean ! Keep Up The Good Work !

  4. This was great. An extremely insightful video yet again. Good job!

  5. Those tips were incredible. This will actually change the way I look at content marketing forever.

  6. Wow! This is actually surprisingly helpful to me. Keep it up!

  7. Fantastic video. I learned more with this 1 video than I have from any others for a long time.

  8. This video is remarkably comprehensive outlook on the topic. I found the whole concept of continually gaining a following.

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