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5 Marketing Mistakes that Could be Killing Your Business

Day after day, month after month, marketing entrepreneurs all over the world work on building their business and expanding their brand.  Whether they are motivated by money, the possibility of building something of value, influencing others, or simply the intent to help, the end goal is always the same — to generate sales.

Unfortunately, many marketers oftentimes shoot themselves in the foot and make success an uphill battle. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent marketing mistakes, and how they could be negatively impacting your business.

Taking a One Size Fits All Approach – A successful marketer will use analytic data to become more precise. The other day I stumbled upon a site for a business within my community. It was for a personal training/dog sitting service. Personal training/dog sitting? Chances are, this business will not be extremely successful in the long run because they haven’t narrowed down their target market. Is their focus on those that need to get in shape or those that need someone to watch their dog? In an attempt to try and please everyone by offering such diverse services, they will inevitably receive less business than if they focused all of their efforts on either personal training or dog sitting separately.

Being a Glutton – Are you asking too much of your audience? Everyone knows that creating an email list is integral to building a long term business. Then why do so many marketers offer opt-in pages that ask so many personal questions? Do you really need to know the last name of the person you are marketing to? Do you even need their first name? All you actually need is their email address to further market your product/services. This extra information offers absolutely nothing of value to you while simultaneously frightening off potential consumers.

Trying to Do Everything Yourself – Attempt to calculate how many hours you spend a week on furthering your business. Now, how many of those hours were spent working on trivial matters instead of the most important issues? The best option for any internet marketer is to outsource the medial tasks while focusing efforts on the aspects that will further progress the business.

Not Separating Your Brand – What makes your product/service different or better than the next marketers? Why should the consumer choose you over someone else within your niche? Your brand must properly convey these differences to potential customers or else your business will get lost somewhere within the endless list of generic business models.

Avoiding Social Marketing – Social media needs to be your best friend. Nowhere else online can your message reach so many people in such a short amount of time than on a social media site. It also allows marketers to interact one-on-one with potential customers, which adds a humanistic value to your business. Now, instead of being seen as just another website, you will be seen as a person that has the same common interests as them. Plus, there are few other ways that will allow you to receive pertinent feedback from your target market on what types of services they would like.

Over/Underrating Prices – A solid price structure is important to any business. After all, no one would be willing to pay $50 for a sandwich when they could get one for $5 right down the road. Then again, few people are going to choose the cheapest heart surgeon available as quality is important as well. There has to be a middle ground. You should be confident in your product, but not over exaggerate its worth as it will undoubtedly chase customers away if they perceive the pricing to be too high. On the other hand, setting your prices too low below the market may cause potential customers to second guess the quality of your product.

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