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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Images Look Better


Blog images are obviously one of the first things a visitor may see when they hit your page. They will absorb what that image is, much the same as we do with newspapers and magazines, and the image will stay with them throughout the piece. Notice the image I have used with this article? You are no doubt still thinking of that image as you read this piece, and trying to actually associate it with the text.

This is mainly how our brains work (not to get all medical on you!), as it associates images with the memories of the information it is storing. When you recall something from memory, it often appears in your mind’s eye as a picture. So, with this in mind, it is quite clearly one of the most important things to get RIGHT on your website or blog.

1.       When choosing an image, if you have a thumbnail option for front page previews, choose a zoomed in or slightly obfuscated, so it leaves the visitor with something to think about (and to click on to see more)

2.       When resizing images, ensure you wrap the text around it with some spacing. There’s nothing worse than a cramped article

3.       Never use copyright images. Purchase a royalty free membership to a photo website, or simply use free sites like SXC.hu

4.       Try to add a little personality to your pages with funny images or at least something sketchy in its relevancy (yet interesting). Let the audience figure out the connection between the image and the article

5.       The golden rule with images is quality. By using a really badly optimized image, you are saying to your audience that you’re not too bothered about presentation. It would be like writing an article that was full of speeling mistaykes.

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