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5 Common Yet Deadly Social Media Mistakes

Social media can be a minefield. Posting on Twitter or Facebook can seem easy on the surface. Yet there are many common, yet deadly mistakes marketers make that can completely destroy your marketing campaign. At worse, it can even damage your main brand.

What are these mistakes? Here are the five most common and most costly.Social Media Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Focusing on Micro-Tactics

You’ve probably seen tactics like these floating around:

  • One easy trick to getting thousands of YouTube views!
  • Simple meme generator tricks to get hundreds of Facebook shares
  • A “foolproof” way to get more Follow Friday traffic

Though individual marketing tactics have their place, they aren’t the key to success. Success comes from focusing on the big picture, not from trying to take shortcuts with micro-tactics.

Mistake #2 – Flying Without a Plan

Every status update, every blog post, every image and every response should be part of a plan. If you’re just posting whatever comes to mind, you won’t make much progress in the long run.

Where do you want your business to be in 3 years? What role does social media play in that goal? What are your goals for each social media network? Spend a couple of hours devising a plan for your social media. It’s time well spent.

Mistake #3 – Focusing on the Wrong Metrics

Most people focus on vanity metrics like follower count or fan count. While these metrics are valuable, they don’t show the whole picture. A mere 500 dedicated fans can easily earn you more than 50,000 casual likes.

Track metrics like virality or the percentage of your audience who actually engage in conversation. Aim to build the responsiveness of your following, in addition to the size.

Mistake #4 – Taking Too Long to Respond

Social media is a fast paced marketing channel. Even taking one day to respond is often too long. The train of the conversation is gone. Make sure you set up alerts so you know whenever someone comments or @replies one of your updates. Try to respond to them right away.

That’s how you build a rabid following. You do it by being responsive and having live conversations.

Mistake #5 – Straddling the “Safe” Line

It’s easy to try and please everybody. It’s easy to only stay on the safe side and not take strong positions. Yet the chances of a post going viral are greatly diminished this way. The best way to carve out a niche and build an audience is to take a stance. Your core audience is much more likely to actually like and share your content when you speak your convictions.


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