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4 Simple Ways to Help Boost Your Social Media Productivity

Social media outlets are probably the single most popular and effective way to reach the masses when it comes to the goods and services your business offers. However, keeping up with your social media can be incredibly time consuming.

Spending time creating content and positing it to your many social media pages is capable of taking time and energy that you could be using on other matters. Here are four simple tools to help you increase your social medial productivity while still being successful.

Use Programs Which Allow Personal Attention

Be more proactive and more productive by using internet programs such as Nimble.  This program actually allows you better interaction with your fan base.  By allowing you to send personalized responses to individuals, your followers can have the feeling that you really care about their business and thoughts and that is probably the biggest thing people stay loyal.

Loyal customers advertise by word of mouth, which is the cheapest way to advertise you and your business. Using Nimble is also a great way to answer questions or comments from customers that are posted to your social media page. Is there a fan of yours that you want to reach out to and develop a networking type relationship?

Nimble keeps track of who you have been privately conversing with and keeps a record of what conversations are still ongoing.  Nimble does all of this and more.  You don’t even have to create a list of users.  Nimble takes contacts right off of your Hootsuite page. The integration of these two programs created a super program of time saving, yet very effective tools for making your social media campaigns successful!

Schedule Social Media Posts in Advance

One problem with internet marketing is time.  Updating your blog or even your posts on Facebook and Twitter can be tedious and incredibly time consuming. Good news is, there are sites to help!

The ideal would be to have content prepared for the entire week or longer.  Then using programs such as, Hootsuite.  Hootsuite and programs like it are wonderful tools in saving time on social media campaigns, while still giving your fans authentic content, which is extremely important in any sort of media advertising!

Hootsuite allows you to schedule already created social media posts to any or all of your social media groups.  This feature allows you to also choose how many posts you are posting in a day or week, as well as, allowing you to “set it and forget it.”   Blog posts can also be delivered at a pre-scheduled time. One program that can assist you in doing this is Dlvr.it.  Dlvr.it Allows users to pre-schedule any blog posts for a later date and time.

Maybe a brilliant idea for a blog pops into your head but now is not the ideal time for it to be posted, Dlvr.it can be scheduled for when the time is appropriate. Dlvr.it is so easy to use.  All the information it needs is simple. You come up with the content and post it to your blog (i.e., WordPress), give Delivr.it the program it is to be retrieved from and when and where you want it placed.

The rest is done for you. Alerting your social media followers the second your blog goes live.  This can also save time while increasing productivity when it comes to social media campaigns.

Utilize Mobile Apps While Away

In today’s fast paced world of travelling and meetings, there is a chance that you may very well be out of your office, as much as you are in it.  Using mobile apps from your smartphone gives you access to continue being on top of your social media campaign.  One such mobile application that you can download, to help you achieve this is Glyder.

This smartphone app is great for those random ideas that may come to you while you are out of the office.  Instead of having a fancy, graphic designer perfect template for the special offer or interesting information you would like to offer followers, Glyder can assist you in these types of endeavors.

Not only saving time, but money also!  Glyder has a menagerie of pre-fabricated, but lovely templates.  After choosing the template of your liking, simply input your company’s information and add to the boiler plate the parameters of the special you want to run.  Glyder will create a visually stimulating post for you right from your mobile phone!

It should be noted, however, that currently Glyder is only offered by Apple, but an Android version is in the making.  This application allows you to update your followers with new deals and special offers in less than a minute!  How is that for time saving?

Use Tools to Help Create and Publish Material

If you already use Google alerts, than having a program to help even sort that information, will save you some serious time.  If you are not familiar with Google Alerts, they are messages you receive when material with specific keywords (tailored to you) is posted.

However, going through each and every alert and determining the relevancy of it to your particular campaign not to mention the task of writing a post and scheduling it for printing can take copious amounts of time.  With a program called Bundlepost, you can save this time.

Bundlepost will save your Google alerts as drafts for your social media.  This way you can sort out what content is relevant and interesting much more quickly.  After that, simply take the bundled up information and transfer it to Hootsuite for scheduling.  Bundlepost is a great time saving and productivity increasing tool to use.


As I am sure you know, there are plenty of ways to save time when it comes to social media campaigns.  The above programs are not the only ones that can perform these tasks, they just tend to be the most popular in social media campaigns.  No matter how you care to approach it, social media is becoming more and more of a necessary tool to managing a business.

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