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4 Simple Facebook Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Profits

Facebook Marketing SecretsFacebook has been around for quite a while now and there is a lot of controversy in regards to it being a valuable tool to gain exposure for your business or you personally or if it is just a drain on your time and resources.

Interestingly enough, those that do really succeed with Facebook tend to keep quite about it. With over 210 Million active users, covering every market and interest available, this is a captured audience for business and can be incredibly lucrative if a business can capitalize on this social media phenomenon that can dramatically increase traffic and leads.

Despite all the criticism Facebook has faced over the last few years (everything from stalking, accounts being hacked and even that the code behind Facebook was stolen!)

Facebook has a huge community of active users that make up your target market and if you are looking to promote your products and services then you should look at Facebook as a potential revenue stream.

If used right, Facebook can help you promote your brand, build a community around your business and be an excellent B2B contact tool to help keep your customer base updated on your activities. Facebook’s simple interface makes it very easy to garner the attention of your market and to maximize this potential you need to take a few fundamental steps to give yourself a solid foundation to build your businesses presence on.

Step 1: Create an Engaging Page for Your Business
Now here I need to make a distinction that has caused frustration for business owners new to Facebook. “Profiles” are for people, “Pages” are for business. If you try and make a business profile you may run into the big wagging Facebook finger of disapproval. The other benefit of using pages is that they are public and can be quickly picked up by the search engines. You can also place these pages into categories that best classify your business and by doing so, garner the attention of people looking for valuable resources in those categories, either your customers or other businesses.

Step 2: Add Some Useful Facebook Apps to Your Page
By adding useful and valuable apps to your Facebook business page you have more stickiness and become a useful resource for your customers, which helps you build brand, become memorable and have them come back for more!

Step 3: Join or Create a Group Relative to Your Market
This is an incredibly lucrative way to build presence. Join a few groups related to your market (there will be quite a few) and participate. Make yourself known as a “Go to” person for your market and build your reputation and credibility. You could also create your own group and build upon your company’s reputation and being the core group to be involved with. If you have the time or human resources to maintain this, it can be an incredible lead generator and revenue stream. One thing to note is that groups do not get indexed by search engines. So make sure you promote your own group in blogs, communications, etc. as people cannot join your group if they do not know it exists. You can also add basic apps to your group (such as videos, etc) which helps communications.

Step 4: Take Advantage of Facebook’s Ad Service
If you have ever done any PPC marketing you will be familiar feel right at home with Facebook ads. However, unlike Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook is very cheap and there are some amazing bargains to be had. Also, your ads can be targeted in a rather unique way. Facebook Ads allow you to add “Social Actions” which is an often-overlooked option. This will then show a random photo fan of your business in relation to your ad, giving you instant credibility and reputation. These are just a few fundamental tips to get started with marketing your business on Facebook and if you apply these techniques discussed here you will already be light years ahead of many of the businesses out there flailing around on Facebook wondering where to start! Have any other techniques or tips for Facebook marketing? Share them here and give our readers a few extra gems!

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