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3 Reasons Marketing Consistency can Make or Break Your Business

You want your business to be the go to place for customers whenever they need a product or service that falls in your niche. If you don’t have a consistent marketing method or brand identity, it can make things very confusing for customers who don’t like it. Picking one color scheme and a logo that your audience can easily recognize will set you apart from your competition and make your business easy to remember.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.” Your company’s brand is not all about the logo on the lobby wall, it is also about the perceived corporate image as a whole. It’s important that you have a strategy around branding your company and products/services so that your business is perceived to be the best and only choice for your customers.

Figuring out what type of personality you want your brand to have is vital to creating a sustainable business. Do you want it to be entertaining and informal? Serious and informational? Cutting edge and progressive? Once you decide what it is, you must stick with it on all platforms like emails, blog posts, ads, and social media. There are multiple reasons why marketing consistently can benefit your business. You can find a few of those reasons below.


It Can Give Your Business Authority and Legitimacy

Keeping your brand identity consistent will make your business seem more legitimate and allow you to build a stable market of clients. Constantly changing your logo can create a sense of vagueness about your business and relay a message to consumers that you’re not quite sure what you want your business to be.

One important thing to remember is that people don’t make their buying decisions instantly. It takes them time to research all the options and come to a conclusion. Make your brand stick in their mind by using a message and logo that is both easily recognizable as well as easy to remember. Displaying consistency will show that you are not only dedicated to your public image, but to the integrity of your service or product as well.

Social media marketing can make a difference in a business soaring high or plummeting down to the ground. With the role that social media plays in everyone’s life today it is a great asset that will give you visibility online along with helping expand your success in the real world. Make sure all of the social media networks you have are sending the same message and have the same logo throughout.

It Will Build a Relationship with Your Audience

More than ever consumers are seeking brands that are trustworthy and if they feel like they can’t rely on them, they will just move on, without hesitation, to another business that can provide it. In order to build a good relationship with potential customers your business needs to stand out from the competition. People should be able to figure out your brands personality and see consistency on every platform you use.

Past customers can increase your brand awareness by interacting with your social media platforms and helping give your business authority and encouraging loyalty by building trust in your business, but this is unlikely to happen if they don’t feel like you are dependable with your marketing efforts.

Logo usage is a huge aspect of consistent marketing. It is a representation of the business and means much more than just a name or symbol. It is your brand identity and will be the first thing consumers recognize. You want their response to be a positive one so keep it simple and easy to remember. Once you’ve decided on a logo, it is vital to not change the color or design because it can weaken your brand image and cause confusion about what your business actually is.


It Can Help You Evaluate Whether or Not Your Current Marketing Strategies Are Working

Consist marketing on social media is a great way to get feedback from your current customers about what they thing of your product or service and also get insight into what potential customers think of your business. Once you know what they do or don’t like you can make adjustments to your strategies and reevaluate.

Although marketing consistently can be a little difficult starting off, in the end it will be easy to continue doing as well as maintaining a level of high effectiveness in the long run. Being consistent with the messages you send to the public is a big part of building your brand whether it’s through a blog post, an advertisement, or just a social media update.

Make sure you always support your business’ message and values without sending conflicting messages that can make all the time and money you put into your marketing efforts be a waste. If you don’t know how you can improve your tactics you can work with designers and marketers who can help you create the perfect strategy to develop your business image.
How can you create brand consistency?

Develop a set of brand guidelines, also known as a style guide, which you can have at your disposal for you and your employees or whoever will be working with your corporation to develop your marketing material. This guide can be used as a reference at any time that lists how your logo can and cannot be used, what fonts, images, or colors should be used. This is very important and the best way to keep consistency throughout your business because it creates a concrete copy of what is to be expected and minimalizes deviations from this objective.

Keep the efforts that are working and make adjustments to the ones that aren’t. There’s no one perfect platform to use to garner the most attention to your brand. Make sure everyone involved in creating content for your business is clear on what your business goal is and what the tone of your content should be. You want everyone to understand the big picture, keep your content fresh and make sure not to “break character” at any moment. Content marketing that sends mixed messages confuses readers and can be counterproductive to your end goal.


A brand is everything that your customers will associate with your business and can evoke either a confident, positive response or an insecure, negative response. A stable marketing plan will help build your brand by instilling a sense of confidence in your clients which, in turn, will help build your business to the level you desire it to be. So make a plan and stay consistent and watch your audience grow.

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