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3 Content Creation Techniques that Draw More Traffic than the Manhattan Bridge

There’s much more to blogging than writing up a posts and praying that the traffic comes. That’s not a tangible plan for creating viral or high ranking content. Obviously, the most important aspect of blogging is to actually sit down and get some words down on a page, but that is not the most efficient way to engage your current audience and generate new traffic.

Despite what many think, there is a science behind blogging and the subsequent content marketing techniques that are used to drive traffic to your site.

There are various forms of content that have been shown to garner the attention of readers and spread like wild fire across social media that also gains a lot of clicks within the SERP’s. Today I’m going to show you the most successful content creation methods that will help you rank higher within the SERP’s while also triggering your current readers to share with others, prompting a flood of new, bankable traffic directly to your site.

Before we Begin

There are no real rules to what you can write, so it’s important to think outside the box when creating fresh content. I’m going to suggest a few ideas that may help you to generate more traffic, but are no way set in stone. There have been countless blogs that don’t use ANY of these techniques and have still gained tremendous success.

However, there’s no reason to shy away from writing these types of content either. Instead of overwhelming yourself and trying ALL of these techniques, simply pick one or two of them and experiment. There’s a good chance that your site could greatly benefit from it.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin…

1. Content that Contain Lists

This is quite possibly the oldest trick in the book. Companies have been using this technique to sell magazine subscriptions for decades, and it has strong carry over to the online world as well. I dare you to go to any homepage of website that relies solely on viral content such Buzzfeed, Viral Nova, or Cracked, and NOT find an article that contains a list. You simply can’t do it!

In fact, according to the analytics app, Buzzsumo, the most popular post that Buzzfeed has produced in the past week is a list entitled, “The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures of All Time”. This post alone has garnered over 800 thousand social shares.

Sure, people love silly cat pictures (who don’t?) but it’s also obvious that we are magnetically drawn to titles that contain lists. For some sick reason, we seem hardwired to click on posts that contain lists.

Why this Works

I am not a psychologist by any stretch of the imagination. However, I believe that I’ve pinpointed a few reasons as to why lists work so effectively for drawing in new traffic.

When I first started out in the internet marketing world, it didn’t take me long to figure out that specificity sells. By adding a number within the title, you are essentially specifying exactly how many points within a certain topic the reader is going to encounter by viewing your content. They know exactly what to expect before investing any of their precious time.

Lists are easy to skim through. Instead of a giant wall of text, one can simply scroll down and view the sub headings. It helps the reader gain insight into the topic at hand without having to pay meticulous attention to every word.

Lists are mostly opinion based. This provides readers with the opportunity to either agree or disagree with the points being made. For instance, if I made a list entitled “The Top 10 Baseball Players of All-Time” or “15 Movies to Watch this Year”, the post would be completely subjective. People will click on it out of sheer curiosity to see if my opinion coincides with theirs.

– Readers place value in numbers.

2. How To’s

As I stated above, people read content online for one of two reasons;

  • To be Entertained
  • To Learn

“How to” guides target those that want to learn. Anyone can create a lengthy, informative post. However, it takes an authority to create a post that details exactly how to accomplish a specific goal. One of the more popular marketers to pop up as of late is Mathew Woodward.

His entire site is dedicated to “How to” guides and blog posts for internet marketers. Mathew has become wildly popular in a short amount of time because of this approach. When trying to accomplish something, people are looking for a step by step approach on how to do it.

Plus, this type of content has great potential for ranking highly within the SERP’s. Every day, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people type the words, how to (insert action), into the search function. Websites such as wikihow bank upon this and rank incredibly well for countless long tailed keyword phrases.

Let’s face it, if you can’t create a post that is more detailed than the average wikihow page, then you have yet to become knowledgeable enough about your niche to be labeled as an authority yet.

3. Review Posts

According to Alexa.com, Yelp is currently ranked 132 in the entire world. With over 1 billion websites live, this is no small feat. For those that have never heard of Yelp, it is a site designed to allow consumers to weigh in on their opinion of a business that they have recently tried.

The reason I mention Yelp is because it has become one of the most popular websites in the world by simply allowing people to provide reviews on businesses and services. Studies have shown that as many as 72% of consumers research products or services online prior to making a purchase. One survey in particular, conducted by Dimensional Research, found that 90% of buying choices are influenced by online reviews.

Needless to say, there is A LOT of traffic out there searching for reviews of products or services within your niche. You can easily capture this traffic and often times even convert them to sales with the help of a review post.

People will often share review posts if they reinforce the preconceived ideas that the reader has or go the completely opposite route and are considered controversial.

Keys to a Successful Review Post

Prior to creating a review post, it’s important to actually try the product or service out yourself. Readers want detailed information and the only way to give it to them is to have actually done your own testing. Plus, most readers will be able to sniff out whether you are being genuine in your review or not.

Take an unbiased approach to your review. Remember, the point of a review is NOT to sell the reader on a product or service, but to help them solidify their buying choice. If they happen to make a purchase through your affiliate link, then that’s simply a bonus!

Provide the pros and cons. Whether you liked, loved, or hated a product or service, an unbiased tester will be able to find the good and bad in anything. Try to view the product from the perspective of multiple consumers.


Blogging is not just writing about topics within your niche. It is also about presenting that information in a way that engages your audience. You have plenty of content options at your disposal. Some will work better than others. The more varied your approach to content creation, the easier it will be to see what kinds of posts your audience responds to.


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  1. Excellent post, Sean! My all time favorite strategy is ‘LIST’ keywords because you can rank them quickly and they almost always bring quality traffic.

    Another strategy is with graphics – that is massive!
    – Peter

  2. Holistic Chef Barry

    Thank You Mr. Sean Donahoe for your 3 key tips for ranking content well and it seems to be working for me now in my Natural Health and Weight Loss Nit-ch that I have much experience with having dropped more than half my own body weight successfully for good . And that I survived my life and death serious Health crisis more than 2 decades ago and I have recovered to tell about it. My passion to help others so that they do not make the same mistakes as I have done is so deep that now in my life it is my mission to help those that followed in my path . I thank you for writing this article to remind me that I am going in the right direction and right path. Your new IM Holistic Friend Holistic Chef Barry ” The Good Earth Chef “

  3. Hey Sean I always enjoy reading your content. I failed at every thing I did online Sean untill I finally got a mentor and then hired a coach. When I started using lists in my posts several years ago I finally started building my list. Right now I’m in the process of doing a ground up restoration of my site and thanks to your inner circle I have learned a few more little tricks I can add to my arsenal. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Dr. Lance Zimney DC

    I’m gonna have to start using more lists and obviously “how to’s” as a chiropractor. Switching my current website over to WordPress so I can start blogging more. I appreciate all of the tips to offer great content to my audience.

  5. Thanks for the article Sean. I am just launching a new blog assistants course and I will include your blog as a great resource for content creation. I haven’t done many lists yet but I will now – you’ve inspired me.

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