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2 Ways to Use a Spreadsheet for Keyword Hunting

Let’s be honest, spreadsheets have pretty much been part of our everyday life now for a long time, and we’ve found everspreadsheet_keywords more creative uses for them. None more so than the AC/DC Spreadsheet animation, which – if you haven’t seen it yet – is pretty awesome. Of course, when we are plotting our cash flow for the next 12 months, or working out our home finances, we love spreadsheets, and use them to help us get through the mathematical day a little easier. So, did you ever use your spreadsheet for keyword manipulation? Well, if you haven’t, then you might want to try the below tricks and tips, as they can come in pretty handy when you are looking for that next big AdSense keyword, or Amazon product to create a site for…


1.       Text To Columns Keyword Modifier

Firstly, you will need a main keyword to start with, such as “acne” or “weight.” You can be pretty niche if you like, and go with something like “hemp clothing.” Anything will work, as long as you have a starting point. Next, take that keyword over to Google AdSense Keyword Tool, or your favorite keyword generator. Enter it in, and get as many related keywords as you can. It’s okay if you use broad searches by the way, you will still be able to get the best out of this method. Once you have a big list, export it, and then paste it as text into a spreadsheet. Now, you need to separate all of those keywords that have spaces in them, into columns. The way to do this is to open up the Data menu, and click Text to Columns (or equivalent). Now you want to split each word in the keyword into separate columns. Now, take each column, and make it into one big list. You will find that by feeding these words 100 at a time into GAKT, that you will unearth LOADS more keywords for the hunt!


2.       Colors, Sizes and Styles Modifier
This is a pretty simple method, but pretty awesome. Go to Wikipedia or any other source that can provide you with a list of colors. Similarly, you can use sizes or styles (depending on the niche). With your list of colors, paste them into a spreadsheet, and then whatever your product is “linen shirt” for example, or “shoes,” simply paste this word at the side of each of the colors – and you now have a HUGE list of products to search in GAKT!

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