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14 best internet marleting tools for analytics

13 Best Internet Marketing Tools for Analytics

There is a science behind creating a successful internet marketing campaign. Sure, there are those that get lucky and strike gold, but the majority of high level business models stem from having a great idea and using the available information to present your message to the masses in a way that compels them to buy.

Of course this information has to stem from somewhere right? I’ve created a massive list of the best internet marketing tools that will provide you with the most significant data available anywhere.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you had access the most relevant internet marketing tools on the web. You will have the ability to tap into the information that you need to fully optimize your campaign and ensure success.

Many of the tools I’m going to present to you today are free, but there are a few that require payment. It’s up to you to decide which tools best fit the needs of your campaign and your marketing budget as well.

Rest assured though that each one of these tools is the crème de la crème of the online world.

Crazy Egg – Heat Mapping Technology

What if you could sit on the shoulders of every person that visits your site and see exactly what they’re doing? Crazy Egg makes that possible. From the creative mind of Neil Patel, comes the first tool to allow you to see your site through the eyes of your audience.

Where did they come from? Where are they clicking? What areas of your site are they most likely to scroll to?

Crazy egg provides a platform to show visual hot spots, scroll maps, and a confetti view of the exact places on your site that visitors are viewing. With this information, you can properly optimize the look and layout of your site so that it converts more people to do what you want.

SiteoScope – Link Tracking

I chose SiteoScope to be featured on my list as one of the best internet marketing tools because it combines some of the most fascinating data all onto one platform.

There are tools out there that do many of the same tasks that SiteoScope does. However, each one of those sites requires an additional membership fee. Why pay more when you can receive the same information all under one roof?

SiteoScope allows you to follow your rankings within the SERP’s, view both the organic and paid traffic that your competitor’s receive, and much more all in one place.

Hemmingway – Text Analyzer

This is the only tool that I’ve come across that will actually help you improve your writing. If you’re a blogger then you may want to take a look at this free app. You can literally copy and paste your writing directly onto the page without any type of sign up either.

Not only will Hemingway help you refine your sentence structure, but it will also highlight adverbs, suggest alternative power words, and flat out make your writing more reader friendly.

Optimizely – Split Testing

Most marketers understate the importance of split testing when it comes to continuously improving their campaigns.

Websites shouldn’t be launched and simply left alone. The most successful sites in the world are always tweaking to see if it elicits a favorable change. My own site has undergone massive changes since it first launched several years ago in order to increase the user experience.

Optimizely allows you track dozens of different metrics so that you can fine tune how your site operates. This is a must have for those that plan to further enhance their earnings over time.

Buzz Spice – Social Media Automation

Don’t ask me how I came across this tool because I honestly don’t know, but I’m glad that I did.

Unlike the other tools on this list, Buzz Spice is a free mobile app. Buzz Spice will provide trendy ideas for new social media content directly to your mobile device. It’s simple and easy to use. All you have to do is plug in your niche / keywords and it will fine tune its search for you.

Linkstant – Backlinking

Linkstant is an impressive free software that allows users to see who links to their site almost instantly, unlike the majority of other paid services that take days, weeks, or months, gather link information. This tool is a must have for site owners and SEO’s alike.

Infogr.am – Infographic Creator

I’ve made mention of the absolute awesomeness of infographics in many of my previous posts. People simply love to share them across social media and other outlets, potentially bringing massive amounts of viral traffic.

The only downside is that infographics can be extremely expensive to have created.

Infogr.am on the other hand is 100% free. You can create and illustrate your own infographics to meet your specifications in minutes!

Social Mention – Social Media Search Platform

I’m assuming you’ve heard of Google Alerts? Well, Social Mention is like Google Alerts on steroids. Not only is it more accurate, but gives way to an entire host of information that Google Alerts doesn’t.

It covers social media platforms, offers the “top users”, provides the response that viewers are feeling (whether positive, neutral, or negative) towards that specific keyword, and much more.

Ad Beat – Competitive Intelligence Tool

Gain an edge by instantly uncovering your competitors advertising strategy. Newly created websites can compete with the “big dogs” by seeing exactly what their ad campaigns look like.

The most established websites likely have a massive team that’s sole purpose is to optimize their marketing campaign. Most start ups don’t have the budget for that, so how are they supposed to compete?

You can tap directly into their “think tank” and see exactly what is working for them and replicate to always stay one step ahead.

Bitrix 24 – Social Collaboration Suite

Social media is now embedded into our culture. It has become a part of our daily routine to check our accounts as frequently as possible.

Bitrix 24 took our love for social media and turned it into a useful tool for marketers. Bitrix 24 has created a social media like platform for you and your team to communicate on a daily basis.

Much like Facebook, you will have access to an interactive activity feed to read and write posts in real time, share files / photos, and even “Like” specific posts.

This is quite possibly the best platform for ensuring that your team is communicating properly so that everyone is on the same page.

Levisto – Content Analytics

This powerful, free tool will help you take your content marketing campaign to the next level. Levistro provides everything you need to know about the content that you’ve posted.

What posts receive the most shares?

What are the best days for posting content?

What are the best hours for posting content?

Who are your top authors?

What word length do your viewers prefer?

Oh yeah, this is a bloggers wet dream.

Long Tail Pro – Keyword Research Tool

There are few other keyword tools that receive as much praise as Long Tail Pro. Fortunes have been made by uncovering the hidden diamond keywords among the rough of countless phrases available.

There’s so much competition out there that it can seem impossible to gain a foothold. With Long Tail Pro, you can filter out the most relevant keyword phrases that will be easy to rank for.

This will cut down on the amount of time you spend marketing your site and drastically increase organic traffic.

Open Site Explorer – Competitive Link Research Tool

This has been touted as one of the most powerful internet marketing tools in existence.

You can discover almost anything about yours or a competitor’s site with a few clicks. Discover what their most popular pages are, who is linking to them, how authoritative their site is, what type of anchor text they are using, and much much more. This is one of my absolute favorite analytics tools and likely will be for several years to come.


Alright guys, let’s hear it. What are your favorite analytics tools to use and how do they help your business grow? Leave a comment below.

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