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10 Tips to Build Your Business with Social Media

In recent days, effective social media marketing must be considered a top priority for a successful business. Establishing a strong online presence should be an integral part of any brand’s marketing strategy. First steps include determining how to attract the most visitors to your website. Once you establish an audience, how are you going to keep them coming and continuously draw in new followers? The ultimate goal is to gain customers, not just to get consumers to view your website. Social media provides free advertising and word of mouth promotion. The growth possibilities are endless.

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

With a good strategy and consistent effort, your business will soon reap the benefits of your efforts. Here are 10 effective ways to help build your business with social media:

Post a Blog on Your Brand’s Website

Every company should use a blog to provide updates and news. It is an easy way to populate your site with quality content. It can be used like a specialized newsletter, only longer and more informative.



Brand Your Facebook Page

Facebook offers many features that can showcase your brand. Examples include the cover and profile image, and apps icons.

Provide Compelling Content that Engages Your Audience

Always post high-quality content that caters to your audience. Give your views and prospective followers a reason to “like” and share posts.

Put Your Customers’ Suggestions into Action

Social media provides a great platform for interacting with consumers easily. Ask your followers specific questions about your company, products, and online content. Be attentive and respond to all input, both positive and negative. View constructive criticism as a tool to help improve your business.




Grab Viewer’s Attention with Eye-Catching Images and Videos

Communicate your message by displaying information creatively with strong images or by the visual use of words and numbers. This approach is a lot more captivating than long articles and white paper. You will get your information across much faster.

Maintain Your Social Media Sites and Content Consistently

Stay up-to-date and reply promptly to comments in posts, as well as keeping newsletters and blogs current. Remain reliable on your social media sites to help build trust with your customers.

Use Strategic SEO Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great place to establish connections with potential customers and clients. It also provides an online platform for nurturing a long-term business relationship. The right SEO keywords will make finding your company much easier.

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Website

Use product images and infographics to lure and engage Pinterest users. Stress how easy it is for users to share images on this platform.

Encourage Customers to Share Your Company’s Content on their Websites and Social Media Profiles

Make sharing easy for users by making all the necessary buttons (Like, Tweet This, Pin it) readily available. The more people interact with your content, the more popular your site will become, building brand credibility.

Hold Online Contests and Provide Prize Giveaways

Consumers generally jump at the chance to win anything. By offering a free contest, users will see the chance to gain something for nothing and that can be very intriguing. The prizes should always be aligned with your brand. View all entrants as potential customers.

Final Word

Social media marketing strategies can be implemented in so many creative ways. Every company out there is going to have a unique experience on social media. In addition to implementing the previously listed suggestions, spend some time conducting research on the best ways to get even more likes and followers to your social media accounts. Learn everything you can about building your social media presence in your specific market and enjoy the results.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and what other tips for Social Media that have worked for you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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