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10 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015

The Internet has drastically altered the way information is shared. This has had a significant impact on a variety of businesses marketing efforts. Today, internet marketing is at an all-time high. Traditional marketing budgets are being reallocated to new marketing techniques like content creation and development.

Over the past few years, there has been more of a shift toward inbound techniques, while many outbound tactics have become antiquated. More businesses are finding success publishing original content rather than embedding advertisements in content on publisher’s pages, because of the additional benefits these tactics offer, such as branding and audience growth.Here are 10 marketing trends that are making over the face of online marketing and are sure to dominate 2015.

Trend 1: Increased Value From Content Distribution Instead of Publication

Many businesses have come to realize that content creation is the cornerstone of a good content marketing strategy. However, many businesses are still suffering significantly is in the distribution of their content. A great content distribution strategy is what sets many top businesses apart from businesses still trying to bring in visitors.

Optimizing your page for search engine and mobile visitors will help you reach the biggest audience. A great way to distribute your content is by reaching out to influencers in your industry and providing them with great content that they would love to share with their followers.

Trend 2: Content Marketing Completely Linked with Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest ways content is distributed online is through social media. In 2015 you can expect to see these two marketing strategies completely linked. Many business owners already know the importance of social media in their marketing strategy but you can expect to see more businesses implementing a mix of content creation and distribution through social media.

Great content is what draws visitors in and social media is what gets them talking about your brand. By focusing on distributing content through social media you will not only gain organic followers, you will also generate leads that convert into returning customers.

Trend 3: More Diverse Social Media Marketing

Today it seems like social media sites are everywhere and their popularity is on the rise. These sites give businesses a plethora of options for getting out the word about their company. Social media sites give businesses the platform to produce content in a variety of forms that engages visitors and builds their audience.

While Facebook and Twitter have dominated social media marketing strategies there are multiple new networks that can help businesses branch out and reach the maximum number of consumers. By using a variety of social media networks you are ensuring that you reach as many people as possible and set your company up to be easily recognizable.

Trend 4: Increased Search Rankings for Companies Using Content Marketing

Studies show that 90% of people that use search engines click on the top 3 ranked websites. This is why a great content marketing strategy is critical for businesses to get the traffic they are looking for. In order to reach those coveted top 3 spots companies must have a blog or some way to deliver unique, valuable content to their customers.

By giving their visitors content they love sharing you can expect them to come back to your company over and over. No matter how much you spend on advertising or generating likes SEO will always be a big player in marketing. Expect to see more technical aspects being used like meta tags, indexing, keyword research, and more.

Trend 5: Content Marketing Domination

Draw endless amounts of traffic to your website by establishing your company as an online authority. By consistently creating content that visitors find valuable businesses can set themselves up as a cornerstone source of information.

Providing relevant insight and information into your industry will keep your audience coming back. Content can consist of a variety of things like eNewsletters, articles, videos, infographics, and more.

Trend 6: Guest Blogging Comeback

At one point guest blogging was one of the number one ways to draw attention to a website. After some time the use of guest blogging as an online marketing strategy greatly declined. Due, in part to many marketers using it solely as a link-building technique instead of a way to share useful content.

Guest blogging is not simply about building links and many marketers are starting to realize that. While guest blogging has received a lot of slack through the contribution of valuable, relevant content to publisher’s guest blogging is make a slow but significant comeback.

Trend 7: Mobile Optimization More Important Than Ever

Since the start of 2014 mobile optimization has been a very significant part of businesses marketing strategies. 2015 is looking like the year mobile strategies move beyond simply developing responsive sites and mobile applications and push towards content that is optimized for mobile devices.

For a while Google has stated that a website’s mobile usability is “relevant for optimal search results.” Made even more clear with the launch of a new addition to Google Webmaster Tools, the Mobile Usability tool.

Many businesses are already taking the necessary steps to improve their mobile marketing strategy by designing fully responsive websites, creating mobile ads, and developing content created specifically for mobile users.

Trend 8: Email Marketing Receives More Recognition

If search engine optimization or social media networking intimidate you and your business then reach out to current customers and gain new customers through the use of email marketing. By developing an email list businesses will always have a targeted list of consumers that are ready to purchase their product or service.

In 2015 you can expect to see a new resurgence in email marketing, which like social media will become completely intertwined with content marketing. By providing your email list with entertaining and useful information they will look forward to receiving your emails and it will keep your business on their mind.

Trend 9: Businesses Will Become More Human

Everyone knows the struggle of trying to get in contact with a business’ representative only to enter an endless loop of electronic responses. With the rise of social media, many brands are realizing that their customers want more human interaction.

So in an attempt to connect with their customers many businesses are trying to reach out on a more human-level. As a result they are enjoying higher conversion rates, more brand loyalty, and happier customers.

Expect to see more brands engaging with their customers in an attempt to develop a stronger relationship and build trust. You can also expect to see more engagement in content in order to get feedback from visitors.

Trend 10: Video Content Takeover

Everyone has watched a video on YouTube at some point or another and many of us have watched quite a few. It seems like YouTube has completely dominated the social video sharing industry and doesn’t look like it’s going to be giving up it’s spot anytime soon.

People love watching videos. It’s a quick and easy way to get information while also being entertained. Major companies like Dove, Chipotle, and Samsung realize the significance of video marketing and have created amazing campaigns that focus solely on video creation.

Videos keep viewers engaged and entertained and if you deliver a good enough story they will keep coming back for more. Video content is also a great way to become more personal with your viewers. If they can see who you are and why they should want your product or service they are much more likely to purchase it.

Make videos that can go viral by focusing on positive themes like “The Happiest Adventure Ever” or “A Valentine’s Miracle.” Videos that evoke strong emotions go viral the more emotion the viewers feel. They are more likely to share, like, or comment on it increasing its exposure exponentially.


From trends in technology to constantly changing business models marketing trends are always evolving. Old techniques are no longer as effective as they once were and they are being overcome by newer, more exciting methods of marketing.

Today customers expect to be able to access as much information as they need about a company or a brand before making the decision to purchase their product. If your company isn’t online or doesn’t engage viewers when they are trying to find the information they need then you can expect not to see your traffic change.

It is easy to see how the Internet has completely altered the way information is shared. Many marketers have had to completely rethink their marketing methods in order to keep up with the constantly changing techniques.

Because of this, many businesses find themselves focused more on content creation instead of simply purchasing advertisements and using various ad techniques. In the age of internet marketing the only choice is to dominate or get left behind so by implementing as many of these trends that are sure to dominate 2015 as you can you will be helping your business to expand to its full potential.

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