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10 Awesome Internet Marketing Tools that You’ve Probably Never Heard of

We all have our favorite internet marketing tools that we use. If you ask 100 different online entrepreneurs what their favorite tool is, you’ll likely get 100 different answers.

There are a few mainstays that marketers tend to gravitate towards like Open Site Explorer or any of the numerous tools created by MOZ, but with the continuously advancing world of internet marketing, there are countless tools being created every day that can have a serious impact on your business.

Today’s post is dedicated to the tools that aren’t quite main stream, but are incredibly useful.


We’ve all heard of Google’s Keyword Planner, but Wordpot is another tool that can help expand your search for unique, valuable keywords. Not only does it show much of the same basic information that Keyword Planner does, but it also provides synonyms, definitions, and related / associated words.

Conversation Score

A major part of creating a successful online business is to reliably analyze the marketing plans of your competitors.

The more you know about your competition, the easier it is to customize your campaign to fit the needs of the market, right?

Well, Conversation Score creates a reliable metric in which you can measure the performance of your competitor’s Facebook page. It effectively measures the engagement and influence of any Facebook page that you search for.

Facebook already has a tool in place that allows users to view the amount of engagement that one of their competitor’s receives, but doesn’t assign an easily identifiable score.

Plus, Conversation Score even analyzes the posting habits of the page in question, allowing you to see how many posts contain photos, videos, links, etc.

Not only is this tool powerful but, it’s also FREE!


Yet another outstanding tool for discovery untapped keyword phrases for your SEO campaign. Soovle is a sort of search engine for search engines as it allows you to pull keyword suggestions from up to 15 different search engines simultaneously.

All you need to do is type in a keyword phrase and Soovle will gather the top searches from places like Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Bing. What’s interesting is seeing how vastly different the keyword suggestions are for each search engine, which should provide you with at least a few diamonds among the rough.

Whitespark Citation Finder

This tool helps site owners and SEO’s find possible citation opportunities to boost local search rankings. For business owners that rely on local traffic, this tool is an absolute dream come true as it can literally cut hours or possibly days of hard work into a few easy key strokes.

Citation Finder also works well with Moz and SEO to provide rankings for the sites that the citations are located on.

Mozilla Web Developer Tool

I’ve found this Firefox add-on absolutely integral to my internet marketing campaigns. It allows countless different functions that will help in the customization of your website.

With this tool, you’ll be able to inspect the css, html, and javascript of any website you encounter, making it incredibly easy to reverse engineer your competitor’s sites.

Personally, I use it whenever I plan to make edits to my own site. All that needs to be done, is to pull up the css inspector, and input the new code that I’d like to add and your theme will change instantly to match the alterations that you’ve made.

Don’t worry, these changes aren’t permanent and you’ll be the only one that can see them, making this tool perfect for developers and site owners to try new things before you ever decide to implement them on the back end of your site.

Check My Links

There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link and being sent to a page that no longer exists. Sites can appear and disappear at the drop of a hat or alter the structure of their sites, which can often change the url of a page too. So, if your site is large enough, it could contain dozens, if not hundreds of broken links.

Not only does your site instantly lose credibility, but people are far more likely to leave if they come across a busted link. That’s why I suggest the Check My Links add on as it will help you keep a close eye on the health of your links.

Plus, you can identify broken links on other websites, giving you the opportunity to contact the site owner and suggest replacing the broken link with one that points towards your site instead. BAM, instant SEO boost!

Screaming Frog

This is one of my all-time favorite SEO tools; I’m not kidding either.

With this nifty tool, you can fully audit and review your on-site SEO without having to manually click through every individual page. For larger sites, that can be quite a task!

Screaming Frog will provide the on-site data for an entire website in one compact and easily readable excel worksheet. The amount of information that this software offers is absolutely staggering.

Citation Labs Contact Finder

Citation Labs has a TON of SEO tools that can benefit your marketing campaigns.

The Contact Finer scrapes the url’s of countless other websites, providing you with the contact information, links to contact pages, etc. so that you can build a network of influencers beyond what you previously thought possible.

In the past, I’ve stressed the importance of networking as part of your marketing endeavors, and this tool makes it as easy as humanly possible to contact dozens of other notable site owners within your niche.


This is another scraping tool. Over the last few years, this tool has gained a ton of bad publicity because it is typically used for blackhat SEO techniques. You see, many blackhat SEO’s use it to spam countless websites with blog comments and other trash that has little value for your business.

Of course, that is not what top marketers use it for. Instead, you can activate the “manual poster” mode for blog commenting so that you can create customized blog posts directed towards hundreds of sites without having to spend the time clicking on every individual site.

This technique should be used sparingly, but can be extremely powerful if used on the right sites.

Content Idea Generator

Ever have difficulty coming up with ideas for your blog posts?

All you need to do is enter a keyword or keyword phrase and the generator tool will suggest a catchy idea.

Often times this tool is good for a hearty laugh as some of the titles suggested resemble a game of Mad Libs, but it can help stimulate the creative juices in your brain to create some truly unique content that you may otherwise never have thought of.


Some of the tools that I suggested require some sort of payment, but the vast majority of them are completely free or simply require the person to sign up in order to use them.

Not every tool I listed will be useful to you and that’s just fine. However, if you find that even one of the tools I suggested can help elevate your business, then I feel as if I’ve done my job.

What are some of the tools that you use that other marketers may not know about? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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  1. Sean… that is an amazing list of tools. Screaming Frog is absolutely the best. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the list, Sean! I really appreciate it when top SEO’s share what they are using. I’m starting with Screaming Frog and going from there..

  3. Hey Sean, Not trying to be spammy… but you forgot Spyder Spanker 🙂 , stops bots from hammering your wordpress blogs and also stops the backlink aggregators from seeing what money sites your links are pointing to to prevent your competition from taking out your private blog network… Cheers!

  4. Sean. I am so glad I found you! If that sounds like love, it is. I am starting out with RapidMailer and a basic membership to free level training content that has given me more value than I have throuh thousands spent elsewhere. Which begs the question, when am I joining InnerCircle? ASAP.

  5. Samuel Heins (@SamuelHeins)

    Thanks Sean, Wow this really is some good stuff. I look at all of your resources and I like Soovle the best. anytime you want to share more trade secrets, you can. I will keep a lookout in my email

  6. Thank you Sean. I appreciate the quality of the information in this post. Sitting in France in the sun as I write this and getting work done on my internet business…happy to no longer be in the box of other people dictating when, how or where I earn a living. Great stuff!

  7. Hey Sean – picked all of them up. Never heard of any of these. Thanks Sean!

  8. Thanks Sean, for this 10 fantastic tools. I have already downloaded “Screaming Frog SEO Spider” which interests me the most.

  9. Donald Pohlmeyer

    Sean, I find your posts to be informative, helpful and right on! Thanks for sharing them.

    Continue being GREAT!

  10. Hello Sean,
    I did not know how genuine you were, even though I receive emails from you.
    But this is first class content that I have received from you and I really now appreciate
    you for it.
    Some of us need to know tools that will help us in writing books, creating products and getting traffic and a lot of the things out there are rubbish.But I will check out the keyword tools because I think Google keyword Planner is good.
    I think Seoquake is excellent for helping you fix your website I used it and I get 1200 visits a month on autopilot and I am not skilled at building a website at all albeit I am not making any money off these visitors because I don’t have suitable products and they are not optin in because I am yet to set up the optin properly but I do not want to use the major Auto Responders as their services have plummeted while their charges are the same and do not represent value for money. I am aware of some newer Auto Responders and Mailers but I need tried and tested info from any of the newer Mailers and Auto Responders, any views? .

    Best regards

  11. Another great post, Sean! This one goes on my Favorites list.

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